What do you think of Valentine's Day?

Some people think Valentine’s day is just another commercialized way for some companies to make money. Other people think it’s a day to remember people we love with displays of affection. Some people treat it as just another day.

What do you think of Valentine’s Day? How will you be celebrating it?

It depends if you’ve got a secret admirer or not…


I think that the rule is that Valentine Cards should not be signed?

That makes it a good fun day.

I have sent them to my Daughters, sometimes, to make sure they got one.

They, probably, guessed that, but hey Ho!

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Been married now 53 years, and we have always celebrated Valentines Day, always flowers, chocolates and or small gifts.


I have no one to buy for me , so im going to wait till the Chocolate is in the Sales and buy a nice few chocs…


Valentines day meant nothing to me,just more bull.
THEN i got married on Valentines day,so it means a bit more nowadays.
We don`t buy Valentines cards,we write happy V/day day on our Anniversary card.
I really do NOT get people buying their pets V/day cards.

Booked a table for me and the wife for Valentine’s Day……just hope she can play snooker….


Boom boom! :grinning:

My BH prefers it now she’s not a florist.No more working all night surrounded by buckets of wet flowers.


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Mr R always gave me valentine flowers and a card :heart:

All my secret admirers forget to send me a card.


It’s another official day that I show my deep respect and appreciation to my blondie. I’ve pre booked a table for a decent lunch at out favourite hotel as I have done since we moved here. 40yrs ago I would have risen from the table and engaged in some prearranged singing to her as I used to do. Alas, my voice is now like a croaky old frog, so any music has to come from the resident pianist, although I have arranged for me to take over the piano for our song as a surprise this year.


Don’t for one moment think that lets you off the hook.

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My memory of a lovely old friend called David , much older than me , he would send me a valentines card each year . He took me for a wonderful lunch and proposed to me , I gently declined telling him I would always stay his friend instead .

He is no longer with us but I’ll never forget this kind gentle man who came into my life too late


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I enjoy the Pancakes!

Hee Hee :heart:


I don’t celebrate it as its just a commercial excuse to sell cards, flowers and chocolates.

That said, I have to buy “Mrs Graham” flowers and cards because my life would be hell if I didn’t!

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You know whats good for you then… :rofl: