What car do you have and what do you like/dislike about it?

What car do you have and what do you like/dislike about it?


Nissan Xtrail Tekna new version bought 1 sept 2014. used to have a Landrover Freelander before. Why change from a 4 year old car to the above

I needed a 7 seater when my son and family stay. Like
fuel economy -cheaper road tax - more comfortable- electronic gadgets . and still a 4x4 wheel drive when required.

Don’t like a little less power ( but get used to) flared front wheel arches as hard to judge car width- only one touch on driver door window.

So your likes and dislikes???

I drive a silver Toyota IQ it’s very nippy, zero road tax, sips petrol and don’t be fooled by its outside appearance, it’s like a tardis on the inside, I’ve had much bigger cars but this is more comfortable and roomy in front particularly for those who are tall, plenty of headroom.:slight_smile:

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We have a 1999 Buick bought 2nd hand for $4000. Originally worth 6x that much…crazy. I love this car! Only problem is the A/C just broke down but we ain’t paying hundreds of dollars for a mechanic to rip the dash apart looking for a leak. Why can’t these things be easily fixed & not buried under other parts of the car!!

I now have a 2 year old Peugeot 308. It’s the 4th Peugeot I’ve had but the first diesel engine. It is quite nippy AND does 53miles to the gallon.

I have a VW Golf Plus 1.9 TDi. Great car, £125 road tax & not much more to insure. Starts first turn of the starter and runs on the smell of diesel - around 60 mpg. The only sophistication is the stability control which gives the car great roadholding.

It does ‘what it says on the tin’ . It’s a car, not a box of toys and gizmos surrounded by acres of tacky plastic and a wheel at each corner. It is getting a bit long in the tooth, but we’ve had no luck in finding a replacement.

I don’t want a car that looks like the flight deck of a jet. I don’t want to download the latest blockbuster to a 10 trillion gigabyte bluetooth enabled satnav/phone/sky sports supercomputer with on screen projection.

I just want another car with electric front windows, a radio/cd (OK a USB would be nice) a good heater and NO fancy and gadgets. I want another VW Golf Plus - but VW have managed to get the new ones seriously wrong.

I’ve got a 12 year old Suzuki Swift which although its small and not very powerful suits me down to the ground. I’ve done the round trip from Northern Hungary to the tip of Cornwall twice in the past two years in the most appalling weather conditions and my little “Noddy” car never faltered.

We’ve got a 2007 GMC Silverado


We need a high 4x4 to get through all the snow, as we rarely see a plough out our way.
It is of course a gas guzzler - but we don’t have much choice.
We just got it this year after our 1995 Tahoe started to cost more in repairs than she was worth. It was time to retire her.

My car is a carriage with wheels which gets me from one place to another when required safely I hope and preferably with a minimum of cost :slight_smile:
Other than that I don’t care what it is :lol:

Bring back bumpers I say !

My wife has a Kia ceed estate about 5 years old as well. it goes ok but getting Kia to replace anything under the 7 year warranty is a joke. The radio for example is faulty but will Kia replace it? will they hell, two Kia garages have failed to do so at each service interval. My advice is to stay well away from Kia, they never fixed my Sorento either with the ABS light coming on and not going into 4 wheel drive, four times it went back so i got rid of it.

Just a few of the problems with Kia, the list would take a book ,and this is with 2 new cars not second hand either.

Interesting replies that you, the different cars members have and reasons for is fascinating me being a car nut.

My car takes me from A to B. Other than that I’ve absolutely no interest in cars.

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We’ve got a 2013 Citroen Berlingo Multispace and we love it. Take the seats out and it is a van (great for doggy events) and lugging stuff around. It is incredibly comfortable for my disabled wife - even on very long journeys. It is very comfortable to drive. It is also very safe - our previous Berlingo was written off when a drunk driver came out of a side road without looking and T-boned me at about 40mph. The car was a complete mess and I walked away without a scratch. The first copper on the scene said that when he saw the state of my car, he fully expected to be dragging a corpse out of the driver’s seat.
Perhaps best of all (in this area) it is profoundly unfashionable and looks exactly like the kind of car that pensioners and disabled people would drive so our local car thieves wouldn’t look twice at it.

I had a new Suzuki Swift a few years ago, it looked nice but it didn’t have the oomph I like, also, it was a gas guzzler so I got rid of it


The blue one is mine, and it’s the back end. Obviously! Just trialling and erroring getting a photo up.


And the front end.

It’s a Nissan Micra, brought out in 2003, the new shape. I loved it on sight, but wanted it in grey. However they offered this colour so I just accepted it.

Comfy, reliable and I just love it.

ETA. Just noticed the grey model on the top left of the transporter.

And you’ve parked between the lines - Hurrah ! :smiley:

Oh, always! :wink:

I hope some unsavory character surfing the net doesn’t clone your number plate.:shock:

No more than doing the same with any other car left parked in a public place.
Not may cars with this colour and make and versions on the road at the moment. I have yet to even see another 2014 Nissan Xtrail

I went there but B was really dull so I went home.