What book format do you like best?

Would you rather read eBooks or ones you can hold?

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Prefer the Kindle, so easy to handle - smashing :smiley:

Real books for me without question.

Kindle all the way, never thought I would say that but I love mine. Have tried a tablet to read on but didn’t like that it has to be a kindle for me.

Hi AutumnColour :slight_smile: I have never had a Kindle but prefer paper books. I like the ability to flick back and forth between pages with easy and I think this is more achievable with paper.

You can do that with a kindle it also remember last page you read and can return to that on any device. So reading on the kindle it can open to same page on a tablet or computer too.

Although I love my kindle for travelling, at home I would always prefer the physical books.

I like both. I tend to buy physical books if there is a series I’m collecting (McCall-Smith or Pratchett for example) and Kindle for new authors that I wish to sample. Plus you can’t beat a Kindle for travelling.

I like holding things

I agree with you there Meg although the only physical books I have are various animals / birds, books that have to do with our sanctuary.

Other than that I love Kindle but don’t exactly own a ‘Kindle’ device. I can’t afford it :frowning: Still though I read books on my phone with a 4" screen, ha ha! My hubby & I were very used to a 13" TV when we did watch TV. It never bothered us at all.
So…my phone at 4" is no problem for me. I have over 100 books in my archive (storage) & working on 2 right now.

I take my phone to bed & set the background for black w/white letters as it’s easier on the eyes in the dark.

FINALLY, Meg (whew!), I do find it hard to go back into the book & forth but maybe the real Kindle device is easier.
Luckily I don’t usually have a reason to jump back in the book but with animal/bird stuff I do.


I was lucky I got my kindle as a present but I find buying kindle books really cheap, often free so it would pay for it’s self quite fast anyway.

I just love to go to the library and get real books, usually 3 at a time. I love Alex McCall Smith too, lovely man & good author.

If our library had any books I would agree but they are computer workshops now and coffee shops you rarely see a book in them here.

That’s a shame! Nice to meet folk in the library, we have “altered book” workshops in ours and they have a competition for the best one each year.

Has to be a real book for me…and a cuppa with my feet up, heaven. I, also, like holding things, Rachel… :lol:

Er? Well you holds a kindle or you holds a book.

So which is it?

Yu is wot is called ‘ambiguous’. I read that word in a book wot was on a Kindle - double whammy hold job.

Mine is definitely the audio book, mostly on account of my eyes get tired very quickly on the e/books, but also because if you have a good professional reader reading a book it’s a joy to listen to it. I prefer the murder/mystery books.

It is not an either/or situation. I use an ereader (definitely NOT a Kindle) which I like very much but the last three books I have read have been hardbacks from the library.

The ereader is far more convenient it has about 100 books on it at the moment yet is smaller than a lot of paperbacks. Certainly when travelling I take the ereader but at home I don’t mind; the library certainly has a better selection of physical books than it does ebooks but when I buy a book it is invariably an ebook.

The ereader also has the advantage of holding audio books and music


I HOLD … :wink:

Not used my Kindle for ages, even though it comes on holiday with me. By the time I’ve read newspapers, magazines, surfed the internet, sight-seed, slept, eaten, watched telly, etc., I’ve barely had time to open the device.

I always take one or more physical books too, which yes, defeats the object, but if at the time I have a goodun from the library, it comes with me.

I could read my books on my iPad or my Asus tablet, too, but I’m always at the library. Unfortunately I don’t read books as often as I’d like to, especially if I’m disturbed by the neighbours and therefore can’t concentrate. I always have a paper, Daily Mail, Metro, Evening Standard, Mature Times, or magazine (Computeractive, Writing, anything free from the supermarket) on the go.