What are mens hiking trouser liners?

I have a pair of these hiking trousers:


And one of the reviews says:

A good reasonably priced pair of out door walking trousers capable of meeting extreme cold conditions if used with liners - used in extreme temperatures with a pair of liners and did not feel a thing. will and have recommended them to several of my colleagues

But doing a search for Hiking Trouser Liners doesn’t come up with anything - are they a thing? Do they mean long johns?


Edit: Maybe these merino wool ones would be better:


Edit 2: If you want a laugh, look at these :icon_eek: :lol:


I’ve really enjoyed hiking this year and want to try it out in the colder temperatures… hence wondering about these :lol:

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I’ll guess that the reviewer means this type of item:

but, IMO, they’d be too heavy for hiking so Long Johns (or similar) would be better.

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They look huge Omah I don’t think my trousers would fit with them on as well. They look like they are designed for cotton army type trousers too? (Which wouldn’t offer much protection from wind/water, hence these might be better for those types of trousers.)

The trousers I’ve got have some sort of coating to protect from wind (and water) so I was thinking a thinner liner might be ok. (I’ve worn my trousers up pen-y-fan in the wet cold and they were fine, but I wanted to try liners as well, especially if there’s a risk I might get stranded)

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IMO, you’d be better off with overtrousers - easier to take off/put on when weather conditions change.

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It’s only for round here… so when it’s cold it’s likely to stay that way :cold_face:

I fancied liners because my hiking trousers are a little ‘rough’, not overly, but it would be nice to have a cosy inner liner :lol:

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Just found these but my size is out of stock! I’ve got Asos premier membership as well!! :icon_rolleyes:

Might just get the Asos version:

(I like that they’re cotton too, I’m not a fan of polyester)

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You might want to think about a “wicking” material in case you work up a sweat - silk is good:

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Thanks Omah, that’s just what I was looking for - and I’d agree with their closing statement, a thinner more breathable layer would be best. For me that would be one of the natural materials, merino wool, cotton, or silk - maybe something like this:


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Levi 511 Slim (not Skinny) with Long Johns for me.

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If you need wicking material to absorb sweat you are wearing too many clothes.

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Base layers are the thing.


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I think jockeys wear women’s tights to keep warm.

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@Psmith Ooooer! :thinking::thinking::thinking:

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I used to wear a suit with trousers lined with silk :+1: :+1: :+1:

… wondering what’s available nowadays, I googled up this

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I may be remembering this incorrectly. But I remember a friend who served in the Royal Marines saying about that too. He did special duties in Northern Ireland & part of the job was long periods of observation & he said he wore women’s tights under his clothing. As they were thin, comfortable & warm. And that spending a few days stuck inside a bush was bad enough. But being too bulky, or cold made it even worse.

He also said he used to have nightmares about being shot whilst wearing them & ending up in hospital.


Jeans might be OK for a Sunday afternoon amble but, for “serious” walking, especially up a 900m mountain with changeable weather, they are a “nono” … :sun_behind_small_cloud: :cloud_with_snow: :wind_face:

Hiking Clothing Guide | The North Face UK.

Jeans can be worn for very short walks but are not recommended for longer hikes. Wearing jeans can cause chaffing and they absorb water. Rain, puddles and even your own sweat will be held by the denim, increasing weight. Look for a pair of trousers made from breathable quick-drying fabrics for a more comfortable experience.


I go walking in Hyde Park: not the same is it!

But with a tidy pair of Levis … brogues and cashmere overcoat, I gain entry to some top venues.


They may have done in the 1970’s but, nowadays, horse-riders, like hikers, buy specialised kit:


@Omah ,. You must do a lot of hiking Omah ??? :thinking::thinking::grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


That might be true in the Outback but not in the Brecon Beacons:

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