What a great place this

Is to come for company, it really is, don’t you all think?..:heartpulse:

I’ve been on here all day…must get some cleaning done tomorrow, night all,xx


Yes, I like it here.


Yes and when we are all here the streets are safer for everyone else.

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We need to empty the streets and get them all signing up to the OFF.

The more the merrier, lots of lonely people out there who would love to come in for a chat.

I’m starting to organise my days, as I’ve been on here “ all day” for the last week, taking latte breaks in between,:joy:

So I’m starting to manage my time from today on, well at least try to,:joy:

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Yes, me too Tiff, it’s great company, to get involved in all that’s going on, I’m sure it’s going to be a great success.:grin:

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Yes it’s a nice group . I do keep getting a bit lost but somehow manage to find my way back to the new site .

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@pauline3 I don’t think the more the merrier, it could become like SAGA a right mish mash in the end and we all know what happened there…sometimes big isn’t best

Never heard of SAGA…can you explain what you mean @wishbone …thanks…:blush:

I honestly thought Azz wants this forum to grow?

Saga was probably the biggest forum on the web and towards the end of its life it became a hell hole with argumentative posters, it grew too big

whilst I agree more members would be nice, but not too many that moderation can’t handle.


Thanks wishbone, that makes sense.:+1:

Age Concern went the same way - that was my first foray into forums and I made a lot of friends there, some of whom I’m still in touch with. There came a time, when one particular poster under various guises, started making it hell for everyone else, disrupting threads and ruining the flow of the site. Eventually, it became untenable and was shut down.

I like the camaraderie here.

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