What a clever man


That’s brilliant, Cinders.
What a fabulous topiary. :+1:

I would love to do that, but once when I looked into it, I found the framework to start was quite expensive at the time.

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thanks for showing this YT,
Not seen anything made so big ,makes me want to stroke them .

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@Mups @Eliza made me well up. Should I delete it, thinking of another who recently lost pet.

No dont delete , we all have lost Pets its part of life…

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When I saw the topiary man, I thought it was Billy Connolly at first!
I think he’s his double.
I suppose it’s the hair and the glasses. :smiley:

I agree with Eliza, don’t delete it, Cinders.
It’s very good, as well as very touching.
What a lovely man.

Amazing talent!

Oh this is so beautiful! :heart_eyes_cat: What an amazing way to remember pets!


Lovely to see, thank you

Sometimes it’s good to cry .

@Cinderella - how lovely - what a talent!

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This is a lovely thread about a lovely story and a talented man.

The only question I have is why he wants to look so like Billy Connelly?

I’ m assuming this is a computer generated image it’s very clever .

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It seems you are correct Topiary cats 'seen by millions' on Facebook - BBC News

I wish my efforts on photoshop were half so good!

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