Whales surprise two paddleboarders in Argentina

Whales surprise two paddleboarders in Argentina - BBC News (with video)

Two Argentine paddleboarders were surprised to see a whale swimming next to them in the coastal town of Monte Hermoso.

The pair can be seen paddling next to a whale and at one point they said they were surrounded by 12 of the animals.

During the video one paddleboarder is knocked off of their board by a whale fin but they both said the experience gave them an immense feeling of joy.

That experience must be unique … :smiley:


Immense feeling of joy?? I suppose its a great story to tell your friends, but joy? No…pure panic perhaps! :tropical_fish:

I would have enjoyed that.

I agree, Pixie. It would have scared me too, because how would you know their intentions?

I suppose that’s what happens when humans venture into these creatures terriroty.

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AFAIK, whales don’t attack humans.

They are, however, intelligent and curious, so some will be drawn to investigate human activity.

Yes Omah, I have read that before, but just from the sheer size of their bodies they could easily (unintentionally) swell the water to tip a small paddle board over.

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That’s exactly what happened but no harm was done - maybe the whale was having fun … :wink:

However, as you imply, accidents could happen. AFAIK, swimming with wild whales is not recommended and, mostly, prohibited.