Well I never made chatterbox

On the old style forum you posted 5000 times and were elevated to chatterbox status…sadly it looks like this hasn’t been included on the new style forum, and I wasn’t too far off, so it looks like I’ll never achieve it now, and will always be in a lowly position on here, so I won’t receive the champagne and chocolates and £25 gift voucher like everyone else…wait , …what…there’s no gifts…!!, that’s the only reason I joined all those years ago…:crazy_face:


I am sorry @Primus1 but I did!

I took a screenshot to prove it


You may end up being the most popular member, with the most likes each month, Primus, as a consolation prize,:sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

Haha, I didn’t get there either, and I wasn’t even close! At my rate of posting it probably would’ve taken me another year or two :woman_shrugging:

No need to rub it in minx

5000 you say? I’m trying my best to get there. I’m new so I’m starting from the beginning like everyone else.

Will be cheering you on to get there at this new place Primus1

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Yes butterscotch, but it seems to be lost in the ether on this new style forum, I can’t even quote replies

On the new forum? You highlight the text you want to quote. A quote button will appear. Press that. Then the quote pops up in the edit box. Then you can add words under that, but be sure to not write on the same line as the quote tags or the quote won’t work.

@Primus1 you’re a Chatterbox in my book



@Primus1 In this new place, its tiers, I think, so you increase your “status” and get badges etc for being involved in the forum. I’m sure you must have a few already - check your profile. You are a chatterbox anyway so its all good! :+1:

Here there is the Trust Level System, which members can progress through to earn a higher status. Have a look here: https://forum.over50schat.com/t/over50schat-trust-levels-info/80117

Had to Change my Profile Picture…when you are listed as on…mine looks similar to another person’s…Phew not having none of that… :innocent:

well it has NOT changed, no having none of that either… :sob:

Ok, so it looks like I have to copy and paste, I’ll get there,

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It’ll have me in tears before long

You got it!

I’m liking the like feature here too. Good job on the quote.

You don’t have to copy and paste. Whatever is highlighted will show up as the quote. If you have any doubts, look to the right side in the box next to the box you’re writing in. You’ll see the preview.

Well I’ve been demoted to basic

I know my place…

The good thing is that everyone else is too. Starting at Basic.


I think we are all basic, @Primus1 No demotion…its new so we are all starting from scratch!

Ha, just you wait, I’ll be demoted to oaf status in no time…

I doubt that!