Well done this Aussie lady

I would have been running away screaming

OMG I would have died of fright

Can’t open the link.
That spider is gorgeous - looks like a Huntsman - if it was then she was quite safe - they do have venon but rarely bite unless attacked.


I was just going to say the same as SilverTabby it is just a Huntsman, Wonderful spiders to have about the house, no webs, fangs that can’t puncture human skin (well rarely - all spiders have venom) and love to eat cockroaches and other nasties. Every home should have at least one (and probably does).


I would have picked it off me and put it back on ground. It’s just a spider! :grinning: She doesn’t have Godzilla climbing her leg. :grinning: :grinning:

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Like our House spiders then but bigger. Even those make me jump & move away & I know those aren’t the bitey kind. She was very brave I think. They don’t look friendly at all.

I thought it quite interesting that it made the BBC news, I think it went largely unreported here (as far as I can see), they are a very common spider. If it had been a Funnel Web the reaction might have been more urgent. Not that anybody dies from a spider bite any more.

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Nope those big spiders are too scary…I would have shown myself up for sure. Now had it been a mouse no problem I quite like mice but spiders no… I would have made a such a stupid fuss

Bruce you are used to them being knee deep in things that are inclined to want to kill you . Things that bite sting and give you a hard time and then there’s the wildlife .:wink:

Huntsman are cute.About 24 hours before rain we’ll have one stay in the house high up on the wall because he doesn’t want to get his feet wet.

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