Welcome PinkSapphire

Hi everyone. I’m PinkSapphire and I’m really glad to be here. I’ve come across lots of forums which discuss one thing in general, a hobby say, or a tv or radio program, but I haven’t found a forum for general social networking and making friends so this looks like fun, particularly as I have a fair amount of empty time, especially late at night, which I struggle to fill and I don’t watch tv.

So, let’s do basics. First of all, I’m sorry for the lack of pictures anywhere. Avatar, profile picture, anything. I have pictures, in fact I have thousands of pictures, but I can’t resize or edit them and I can’t choose avatars, so I always get stuck this way on forums. I have this problem because I am totally blind, and any pictures an videos I have are made for me by someone sighted. I know some blind people who take amazing pictures and make their own videos, but the knack eludes me.

I’m happppily married, there’s no family sadly. I have various chronic and very annoying health problems which prevent me working, but I manage our own small internet radio station, which is a voluntary, not for profit thing, is fun and keeps me out of mischief. I also am a passionate collector of reborn dolls, I have a YouTube channel and Facebook page concerning them, which also keeps me out of mischief, helps me make friends and makes me feel very happy in lots of ways. I also love writing, reading, shopping, and, as you might just possibly have guessed, the colour pink. You might ask why do I love it when I can’t even see it? To me it just says positivity in the face of the negative, joy in the face of things that try to get you down. I want and need lots of that.

I’m just a couple of years past fifty and it’s weird how things have changed since I passed that turning point. Some people, including my mother, want me to grow older gracefully. Um, no. That isn’t me. I’ll grow older with class, but I can’t be anything elss than I am, and that, as someone once described me, is pleasantly eccentric, from my pink streaked hair to the sparkles on my shoes. I’ll be chatting with you soon I hope.

Right Now, I don’t know if I officially welcomed you or not as I was off for a while as I had to go to Florida…but I am back now and right in the swing of things…I know I have spoken to you on some of the threads…so welcome from me…

And PinkSapphire, I welcomed you on another thread, but I see you are officially on this one, so a big warm welcome to over50 forum from me…

Blue … hug for each of you.:hug: :hug:

Good morning Lulu darlin’ and welcome.

Hello PinkSapphire :slight_smile: a very warm welcome to Over50sForum…

I hope you enjoy your time here with us.

:039: Hello PinkSapphire … if you like mischief you’ll love it here.

Hi Pink Sapphire

I know I have welcomed you somewhere on the forum because I had to look up how many 'P’s in Sapphire.

Do you mind me asking how you manage to read comments on the forum? Do you have a device which converts to a voice?


Hello from me, an ancient Scot, to a Welsh lady.


Hello Pink Saphire :slight_smile: welcome…

Hi Pink Sapphire. I know I’ve corresponded to you in another thread but welcome again. Love the pink hair idea but then again, I’m on the eccentric side also. I’m also curious how you read the posts.
Anyway welcome

Longdogs is the mischief that Morticia speaks of Pinky hehehe, only joking , Longdogs is a wonderful person who I know is one of the people you will just love on this forum and I’m sure you are going to like it here.

Nice to meet you. I enjoyed reading your introductory post, look foward to getting to know you :hug:

Welcome to the Forum Pink Sapphire…from another ancient Scot :-p

A huge welcome from me as well Pink

I love your posts so far, you have a great command of the English language. Your post about finding the need to read for pleasure has really stuck with me xx

Hello PinkSaphire and welcome.
What a lovely intro from you.
Have fun.