Weird Breakfasts


Do you have any weird combinations for breakfast
In hospital you can hear what others are ordering when the trolley comes.

The man in the next sideroom has two Weetabix with butter and Marmite.

The lady with the load voice in the bay opposite has two Weetabix but they have to be in separate dishes, I with sugar, one without

Makes one wonder just what kind of ward for “special” people you’ve been put into, and indeed why :grin:


The sign above the Ward Door says Enhancement with a large LGTB rainbow.

I did wonder myself.

It is an Enhanced Care Ward, only small 16 beds including 4 side rooms.

We have all sorts on here, the common factor being the need for more care than normal but no need for high dependency .

We have ambulatory dementia patients, escape artists, we had two escapes yesterday which required security to go and find them. They both made it into the car parks.

I am infectious and have an annoying habit of sudden heart problems which need dealing with.

All good fun

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Suppose the only time one should really worry is if they move your bed into the mortuary😳

As for weird breakfasts,…sometimes I’ll eat the previous evenings leftovers which might be eg a Chinese takeaways, a roast dinner etc. Of course, nowadays it doesn’t really matter what I eat as my ailment means it’ll be regurgitated before I get to the end of it anyway🙄

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When you’ve not got much else happening in hospital to think about, meal times assume huge importance!

My standard breakfast was two weetabix with sugar, a yoghurt, a piece of any fruit they had on the trolley and a cup of tea :+1:

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When I was in hospital, it was toast or cereal. No choice over drinks, just what was going (Gosh I missed my coffee!)

At home I have yoghurt and fruit, or porridge, fruit & honey in Winter. I can’t recall a weird breakfast…can’t stand fry ups though, ugh no.


The thing here is no hot drinks with meals

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Why on earth not? A nice cup of tea would do wonders. Is it health & safety or what?

Since you intend to take up the advice and treat it as a second home, you ought to prepare a little suitcase to be brought in with you be the paramedics. Change of clothes, a book, toothbrush, phone charger etc, plus your own travel kettle with maybe some tea bags, coffee sachets, sugar, uht milk or coffeemate powder etc etc. Gotta get yourself organised!!! Dib dib dib, be prepared. We’ll get Tabby to knock up an appropriate badge for you to wear if you manage it.

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Spot on, got it in one.
Health and Safety is weird here.

I am not allowed to wear my facemasks even though they are better than the hospital oned

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Beaurocracy gone mad, Swimmy! Surely your safety matters first and if your face mask is more efficient, that must take priority!

Shaking my head at that rule, honestly, it’s nuts!

I have my usual when I was in hospital but then I am weird.
Two Weetabix crushed with natural yoghurt & sliced banana on top on ,one of those little pots of honey drizzled over . It’s a favourite.


I always have tea, not coffee, in hospital

Bad tea is nasty but drinkable, bad coffee is ruddy ‘orrible! :rofl:

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Bad tea is bad undrinkable tea. No such thing as bad coffee…I could drink it cold :joy:

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