We Humans have it pretty good?

This cute lil Australian Marsupial, the Little Red Kaluta, lives a very short, frenetic life.
The Males copulate at 12 months of age, so vigorously they drop dead.

The name of this phenomenon is Male Semelparity


Aww, very cute.

Don’t animals from the rodent family generally have short lives?

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Rats up to 4 years, mice up to 3 years, hamsters up to 3 years, guinea pigs up to 7 years.

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We had clouds of Cabbage White butterflies in our garden this year.If they aren’t eaten they would have died of old age in 3 weeks.That’s probably good for an insect.


Ah, that’s sad as he looks a cutie.
If anyone ever needed to be taught how to have safe sex it has to be those little chaps.

How long do mum’s last? Just long enough to give birth and raise their babies?

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Some females will live long enough to have a second litter.

Still not an awful long time then.
They look a little like a shrew with their pointy nose.

Well, maybe not quite that young but that does sound like a typical Saturday night out in the town near me……

And I think it’s the way some of them would choose to go :rofl:

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