We are saying it all wrong again!

Going for a curry? Not anymore you aren’t.
Food bloggers call for word ‘curry’ to be cancelled over claims it is rooted in British colonialism | World News | Sky News

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More ridiculous nonsenseI I was born here, never been out of the country and yet more
often recently I wonder just what country I am actually living in? :unamused:

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Well its just a word isn’t it? I mean, they say its an umbrella term (Like going for a Chinese) and as such, its offensive because there is no such dish, and it ignores the variety of dishes that are available. But nobody says “Here, fancy going for Chicken Tikka with Spiced Rice, and some Pakora” do they? Although I suppose they could say something like “I want an Indian tonight”, but that in itself sounds wrong :open_mouth:

If these particular groups of people don’t like this country, how we are, what we say or our traditions then they are free to find a country where their (minority) views are accepted by the majority. Should they not wish to do that then I reckon they should accept they are in the minority and stop trying to change anything and everything simply because it doesn’t suit them. :confused:

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What I don’t understand is, these words are just words.…when I mention the word curry, I don’t immediately think of colonialism and oppression. I just think I’m starving and want something to eat!


Indeed, what nonsense. :100:

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I like a bit of nonsense on a monday morn :grinning:

Not sure @d00d this is the sort of nonsense you’re thinking of :grinning:

Know exactly what you are saying. :confounded:

I get the thinking here, but seriously does it matter? I mean it is just a word. We’re not being all colonial when we think about having a curry. That is in the past, and not even our past, but our grandparents’ past.

All language evolves and absorbs words from other languages. What are we going to do? Dissect our entire language and decide which etymological origins are acceptable and which aren’t?

Exactly, all in the past, that’s why it’s called ‘past’ because it’s passed – gone! There’s nothing we can change about that so acceptance of that as a fact would save all this nonsense. :confused:

It would seem there are those intent on doing just that and it’s getting worse I reckon. :confused:

You wait - next thing we’ll be told that eating curry is cultural appropriation.

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I wonder what it means if I just say the I’m trying to Curry favour?

(not flavour!)

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Exactly! And the thing is, the people who are being offended are not the ones who have been oppressed. They are getting offended on behalf of their ancestors. Of course, I don’t condone oppression in any form and I’m sorry it happened, but I’m not going to stop using the word “curry”.

They don’t say Indian takeaway in India, not to my knowledge. :icon_wink:

Me neither Pixie. The whole thing is ridiculous. Too many woke people determined to find something to be offended about.


Right then…so nobody gets to drink Scotch anymore then…its cultural to us and I’m offended that you think you can just get away with drinking whiskey and not think of the fact Scots were driven from their land in the Highland Clearances! Have some respect!

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I googled the Curry word and

About 4,030,000,000 results (0.81 seconds)

So I think it’s real.

Absolutely right! And no more clotted cream for anyone outside Devon and Cornwall. (Trying hard, and failing, to think of any historical wrongdoings associated with it though…)

Err oh no…! :open_mouth: Ok, I’ll swap you a bottle of whiskey for some cream then…get the bartering system going, eh?! :smiley: