We are missing the point

Things become normal once you get used to them, and that is how it will eventually be for us with this new site. We will just use it without thinking about its layout. I don’t think any of us come here because of our appreciation of website design, we come because of the other members who post here. They are what make or break a chat forum.


Yes, we will get there eventually. Some may find it more difficult than others but that’s the same with most things. Technology is sometimes baffling and it’s just a case of trying things out, click on this and click on that. If it doesn’t work try something else or just ask for some help. Once we know how the forum works then we can tweak things to suit ourselves. I’ve found that to change what is the ‘Home page’, by following Azz’s instructions, makes it far easier to navigate the site, in fact that is similar to the old site but I reckon it’s better. Aside from all that there is plenty of help available, both from members and from Azz himself. :grinning:

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Is that really you Harbal?.. :innocent: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Well who else do you know here who dispenses such wisdom, Dianne. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I am quite speechless by your insightfulness and understanding of human nature, Harbal. :open_mouth:


Trixie you could not make any of that up, could you :zipper_mouth_face:
who is the Fella trying to impersonate here…a human being ,no never… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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I’ve read his post 3 times, keep looking for the twist, where he’s poking fun or taking the mick. Anyone found it yet? Cos I can’t. Blimey, must be an impersonator.

Or someone’s hacked Harbal’s account on here. Should we report it d’ya reckon?

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Well it does also have to be acknowledge that complaining is also a prominent characteristic of human nature, but I think we’ve had enough of that now. :002:

Do not Grass, we’ll have the Mob on to us in seconds… :skull_and_crossbones:.

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The last think I was trying to do was undermine my reputation, Dianne. Do you think I’ve made a mistake? :thinking:

I need more coffee. I can’t cope with this…

But yes, I do agree…

People Make Places.

Harbal Makes it Homely…too much? yeah, ok…off to get that coffee now.

Breathe deeply 1st of all…and then take your pulse, if you still have one…review this after reviewing…for a few hours…Can’t wait to be honest…but patience is a virtue of mine :innocent:

The twist is: there is no twist. :slightly_smiling_face:

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There is always a twist with Harbal…leopards…spots…

It occurs to me that bears do indeed go pooh in the woods and that the pope is a catholic.

You probably know more about bears and Catholics than I do, Dex, so I’ll take your word for it.

Anyway Harbs. Your op is of course correct. Thread creation and posting on them has taken a bit of a hit, but slowly and surely it’s starting to pick up again.

The fun and enjoyment comes from interacting with the other posters, not with the functions of the website. I think, and hope, that will keep most of us here in the end, Dex. I am glad you decided to give it a second chance, btw. :001:

Addiction is as addiction does Harbs.

Who was I trying to kid? :stethoscope:

I’m not the only person who’s said they’re jumping ship but came back Mine was just a tad more overdramatic.

PS - pity you went to bed so early yesterday. Had a whole raft of one liners for ya :wink:

Hang on to them, Dex, they’re bound to come in handy at some time. :grinning:

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