We all have a choice don’t we


What do you choose to do or even say ,to make the world a better, happier, kinder place?..

While I’m thinking about it, what does choice mean to you?

Please explain it in “ your own words”…:smiley::smiley:

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I try to stay indoors and off the forum as much as possible when I feel like being considerate to others. :001:

Those were my own words, btw.

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For me personally, you have to first understand what choice means…

Once you understand it, that’s when the power of choice becomes very real…

Choice imo is very exciting to explore…with choice comes responsibility and also consequences as a result of the choice one has made,:grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:…so there can be a lot of power in a choice and also the consequence.

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Also one can make a huge mistake by making the wrong choice.

In a split second that wrong choice can be made…

A choice can also have lifelong consequences.

Like waiting for a truck to come along before you choose to cross the road. That would be a huge mistake.

Choice is a strange one. I often hear people refer to someone in prison as having made poor choices. True to an extent. But when I became an apprentice joiner I never knew where that would lead me too.

I choose to become an apprentice Joiner as I could not get a Bricklaying apprenticeship. But that choice left me working for a company who a few months later had an apprentice bricklayer leave. So I did become a Bricklayer due to my choice of applying to be a joiner.

When I finished my apprenticeship, I chose to go & work on large contracts instead of continuing with a small local builder. That choice, after a couple of jobs, led to my being a foreman on a groundwork gang & that led to me having a labourer who was a mental health nurse.

I liked the sound of mental health nursing & thus chose to apply to train. The school of nursing suggested I get some practical experience, so I volunteered & that voluntary work landed me with an offer of a job in a childrens home as a residential Social worker, with training. And that choice led me to run a mental health rehab unit a few years later, working 48 hours on & 48 hours of duty.

Having 2 or 3 days off every week. I chose to use that time to train & work as a hypnotist & also took a job as a sexual health outreach worker. And one cold night standing outside some public toilets I mentioned to a colleague that I would like to drive a double decker bus. He said they were always looking for new drivers, but that would mean leaving my comfortable job & maybe then not pass the PSV (bus) driving test.

Less than 3 weeks later I had left my other work & was training to be a bus driver. Not then knowing the average pass rate was about 60%. A few years later I left bus driving to take first my class2 & then my class 1 HGV test.

Also being a bricklayer for a small builder is what ultimately got me interested in magic. We occasionally had to help people who were locked out of their homes. And I discovered I was reasonably good at damage free entry. That led me to an interest in not just breaking into homes, but opening locks. And the best place to learn that as a hobby, is escapology, which led into the wider area of magic.

Yes we have & make choices. But how often are they totally informed, so that we know ultimatly where they will lead us too?

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That could have got you into a lot of trouble at one time. You should be okay now, though. :001:

We don’t always know where a choice can lead us to, so it could lead us to lots of more choices.

But if we make a bad choice…then it can lead us to life of imprisonment…

We all have a choice…

And I wonder what lead you to make the choice of continually stating things that are self evident. :017:

As a young person some aren’t even aware that they have a choice, because the choices are always made for them, …even into adulthood choices can be made by family members, with you not even realising it…so when I discovered my own choices that I could make, it was a real freedom.

Like domestic abuse…some don’t know that they can walk away from it, it sounds odd ,but it’s true…complete and utter ignorance some are in…
Same as verbal abuse, you don’t have to tolerate it, …we have much to learn in life.

Life sure can be complicated.

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To me choice is being able to decide what kind of person you will be. Some choices are easy, but it’s the hard choices that define who we are and what we hold sacred. Does that make sense?


Indeed it does make sense Danny,…for me i turned bitter because of my past history…I was bitter for many years…it was destroying me as a person.

I got on my knees and prayed that this bitterness would leave me…I hated how it made me feel.

Well I’m pleased to say that bitterness did leave, and it no longer controls me…:pray:…I choose love and kindness which broke through in the end.:heartpulse:

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We were paid by the Health Authority to do it.