Water under the boiler

Not a question of any one, just a chat,found water or on the work top under the boiler this morning,not a great deal but enough to notice,not sure if its the condensate leaking or its from with in the boiler,repairer cant come til next Friday,so I have to keep an eye to make sure it doesn’t get worse,still with it being relatively mild,its not on much.

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Maybe a tap on the head and wearing drainpipe trousers will help, but a leek in he buttonhole won’t. :smiley:

My dad gave me a tap on the head many a moon ago,never forgot it.

Talking of boilers,any one have a Hive or nest controller and thermostat installed?

Keep a close eye on the pressure. If it is dropping, the leak will be from the pressurised side and can be topped up until the gas safe fitter arrives. How to add water should be detailed in the boiler instruction manual.

Its a conventional system with expansion tank in the loft.

How Victorian.

Get a combie it is least 93% effecent(Means every £1 spent on Gas you get 93% worth of heat)

Your System runs at about 74%

You can get condensing system boilers which are as efficient as a combi. maybe that’s what he has…:wink:

Yes, Hive running well here.

double post.

The last service showed it at 93%.

Does it help at all?

Not if you have an open vented system with a tank in the loft

Not going to get into an argument,but the paper work says 93%.

But supposing it was as you say,whats the cost to benefit ratio of replacement,factoring in an electric shower.Circa £1500 for the two,take some getting back with savings even over the lifetime of a boiler I’d surmise.

I spent my working life installing heating systems from 1969.
and had to take courses ever 5 years to keep up dated

You were lied to.

No open vented system is more than 70%

Chap went to a house to fix a boiler. whan the lady answereds the front door he asked where the old geezer was. She said he was working in the garden

It depends on how you want to use it.

If I’m going out for the day, I turn the heating down and then, half an hour before coming home, I turn it back up, or down, on my mobile.

Similarly, I adjust the how water heating times depending on when the bath is going to be used.

There are the usual arguments about whether or not that saves any money - I think it does.

Certainly it works for those weekends away, or holidays, as you can put it off or on from wherever you are.

@ Caricature. It would help if we knew the make, model and age of your boiler to estimate its efficiency.
@ Galty Modern range boilers (open vented) such as the Vaillant ECO-TECH run at 89.2 % efficiency.
The Viesman Vitodens can achieve 97% efficiency through its stainless steel HX
The Worcester Greenstar is 92% efficient.
Your efficiency rating must be based on old boilers
Have a look here : Should I replace my conventional boiler with a combi? - TheGreenAge

We were told that as we have micro bore pipes a combi boiler pressure could split the pipes or joints

When we moved in 5 years ago we had a new boiler fitted. More recently 2 radiators out and replaced with heated towel rails. so now 11 rads and 2 rails. As the towel rails are on the central heating system presumably the whole was flused at the same time . Not keen on microbore but it is what was installed when the house was built in the mid 1980’s when microbore was “fashionable”