Water butt disaster

the old wood support fell away it was so rotten and it was full. Luckily I have hard wood stashed away so able to replace. The tap on the butt broke so fitted a new one and Sue pot shed got hit so may have to get another. not got around to that at the moment as the carpet fitters turned up

It’s all happening at chez speedy :grinning:

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tell me about it, the rest of the internal door handles arrive as well at last, so another on the to do list

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It will keep you out of mischief.

That’s not a water butt, this is a water butt:

Yours is more of a water cup. :rofl:

We actually have baths indoors with hot water


There’s nowt worse that a leaky butt!! :grin:

Wow! you’ve certainly embraced the 20th Century, Welcome.and enjoy