Watched this last night

It’s a good piece, except it hits on the concept of a “good pedophile”. Their definition is a person with pedophilic thoughts, but doesn’t act on them. I have a problem, a real problem with the words good and pedophile being used together. I think Aussie’s have the right idea. We have a few such places here. Can’t be far enough away for me.

it seems to be a bit like leprosy but with no cure. Those who abuse usually have been abused. So confined to a particular group. A vicious cycle of tragedy.

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didn’t they used to do a chemical castration treatment once - yes they are seriously sick in the mental sense

Yes they did,

did it work?

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As far as I know it did, but not in every case. Any way they can voluntarily go on it now, but I doubt many do.

seems like a simple enough treatment to become a normal human again?

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