Waste disposal / fly tipping

At last the penny seems to have dropped .
Don’t charge people for waste disposal it only causes and increase in fly tipping .

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@Muddy - Common sense at last!

I have always thought it would be better if the council could provide a large skip in one place that people could dump their stuff in and empty it once every two weeks to save the cost of cleaning up fly tipping


It really does make sense …it must cost more dealing with fly tipping than just providing a facility for legally disposing of stuff. Better for the environment too.

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The amount of fly tipping in the country lanes around her has reached epidemic proportions. Mainly builders rubbish which they have to pay to dump at the local recycling centre.

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The recycling centre near us ( 16 miles away ) is a real pain now you have to book a slot take ID etc

Rav Wilding addressed the issue in his scam programme the other day. Showed two men who stake out popular fly tipping spots covertly and send details to local authorities. They hate fly tipping with a passion. The programme showed film clips of mountains of rubbish and where dumped, and it both saddens and angers me that people have this complete disregard for the environment and the land of innocent people. It is the latter who have to pay for the clean up.

We have lots of alleys (ginnels) here so a Mecca for this sort of thing. I thought it was bad enough back home in London, but it’s just as bad here, in Suffolk.

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Same here. Not as far but still a nuisance having to book. The ones in Norfolk however don’t operate a booking system.

It was like that where I used to live in Ilkley…you had to make an appointment to dump your rubbish and have a special car sticker supplied by the council to confirm you were a resident it was such a palaver…what a difference where I live now…you just drive in …if there is a queue you wait or come back later…much more sense

I’m happy with the system here in Hammersmith, book online, neighbours get together to share the cost …

Household bulky waste

  • £26.55 for up to 10 items, The ten items can be any combination of pieces including household furniture, bags, electrical items.

Blimey its free in Yorkshire…im not sure about large items though they probably charge for those.

Yeah we get week binmen, but this cost is for things that don’t fit in your bin.

These things used to get dumped (fly tipped) but not so much now.

It’s not exactly free bins it’s paid by council tax. We pay an extra £52 pa for garden waste .

Huummmph! You think you have it tough. A few days ago I took a sofa to the tip. Here is the bill

Until the 1st July pensioners were allowed to dump free 100kg twice a year but that has now ceased. Each rate payer is also allowed two roadside pick ups for 2 cubic metres but when I looked it was a month before I could get a visit so I decide to take the damn sofa to the dump myself.

Oh yes, they won’t accept cash any more - card only.

$32 to dump a sofa! Bastards!

That’s pretty steep Bruce :frowning_face:. Do you get much trouble over there with fly-tipping as a result?

I don’t really know, there are reports occasionally of shonky truck drivers being fined for dumping stuff in the bush and dumping asbestos contaminated fill on people’s property but I don’t know if it is a big problem. I am inclined to think that it is not, because of the council clean up service.

As you can see it is totally weight based and also there is an $11 land fill tax (EPA Levy) imposed by the state government to encourage councils to recycle as much as they can.

@Bruce - In my corner of the world - the Council will take away Freezers/Refrigerator for £15. Other furniture £30 for up to 10 items.

Small electrical goods can be left by the kerb - man with van collects once per week

Also Rag and Bone man collects on Sundays.

You can take recyclable thing like metal, fridges etc to the dump for free but no one wants an old sofa.

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I’m now accustomed to the way waste is handled here in rural France. It works well and there is very little fly tipping. There are large bins (separate ones for household waste, for plastic & cardboard, for glass) every few kilometres - usually at road junctions or at the edge small villages. This works well as it takes minutes for the waste from many houses to be cleared.
Each town has a tip for large items, garden waste, unwanted furniture and white goods - free provided you show that you live in that commune.
I was back in Scotland pre-Covid and was clearing out stuff from my mother’s house. I had to drive 25 kilometres to the nearest tip and was shocked to find out that there were only 5 such tips in the whole region (Angus). However, even rural locations get a bin lorry visiting house by house. But I noticed quite a lot of fly tipping. I do think when fly tipping is a problem and recycling should be a priority that the focus on house by house pick up for day to day waste and then only having few community tips is the wrong balance.

Never used to be a problem round here with fly tipping, untill the council started to change for household items. They brought it on themselves IMO.

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