Washing machine wont spin

Help the washing machine ( sangsung eco bubble ) has decided not to spin . it just goes around and around slowly and result is soggy soaked clothes’ No codes have come up on screen to tell me what wrong .
Looked it up online says clean filter drain pump pipe if not replace carbon brushes ( this is a DIY job - its says online -i dont know it looks quite complicated to me ) Involves taking engine out and doing all sorts of stuff requiring torques and brute strength and curly springs .
Needless to say we didnt take the dealers extended warranty and its only four years old . Anyone got any ideas?

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Sometimes it’s as simple as an unbalanced load. Bit surprised it’s the brushes. Have you tried just using the spin only cycle. ?
You could try spin only with no clothes in the drum?

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Muddy I am no expert, but occasionally my washing machine refuses to spin so I turn it off and then put it one again on a just rinse & spin cycle. If you can do that give it a try!


It was the spin cycle only . then i tried the rinse and spin it sticks at nine minutes and just goes slowly around .

Tried that :frowning_face:

Ive found mine does that when its a heavy load /overloaded . I switch off , unload some washing then put it back on spin cycle .

It only had a pair of track suit bottoms in it . ( Mr M got attacked by chiggers in the garden so was washing the little blighters out)

Sounds like an electrical fault in one of the boards.

that doesnt sound good :frowning_face:

@Muddy Hi Muddy , my washing washing does not like spinning one small heavy garment , it is a balance thing.
If it won’t spin (it just goes slowly round) I take the garment out and turn to spin so it empties. I then wring out the wet garment by hand and roll it in a towel to take out the excess moisture then spin both items and this works if balance /distribution of weight was the initial problem.

Sorry to hear that.

I took out insurance on my washing machine, I’m so glad I did, it needed a new drum, amongst other things.

What a shame you never took out that darn extended warranty, so annoying, I hope you find someone to fix it, it’s such a young machine, let us know what you decide to do?

Most washing machines usually have a couple of screws in the back at the top that can be removed allowing the top to slide off enabling you to see if anything has worked loose . You can also check the belt tension.

The belt slipping?
Or it could be the brushes wearing out. I have replaced several of those in one machine we had but it’s probably a service visit unless you are a DIY person.

I doubt very much it would be the motor brushes as they are direct drive so it will be a brushless motor, it sounds like you have a blocked pressure switch hose or faulty pressure switch, or board, I would try the simple first, the hose, a small rubber or plastic hose that runs from underneath, if you are able remove the top , obviously unplug it first, and see if their is a round component ( a bit like a car horn) with a small pipe attached, if you can remove this pipe and blow down it , to see if you can unblock it, , if you cannot do this then call someone out, but it sounds a simple fix so don’t stress

If it’s sticking on final spin it could be waiting to fill again, which could be a sticking water valve, but the pressure switch fault would cause this as well, and wouldn’t necessarily throw up a fault code



My machine had a similar problem when I first got it but it was self inflicted, for some inexplicable reason I had turned one of the knobs to “Drip Dry”. Perhaps you have accidentally set your machine to a similar setting?

Thank you everyone for your help .
Realspeed thank you very much for the video but my machine has more buttons and no options .
We couldn’t get any lights at all to come up .
So we tried the spin cycle with no clothes in it and after a shaker start worked .
So I will let you know how the next wash goes .
Good news is that after hunting for the warranty it seem it’s for five years !

I had a similar problem - I added more clothes (socks, shirts, etc) and it worked OK … one very heavy garment is unbalanced … :+1:


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Mine did this and I took the back off and changed the belt. Unstable loads are varying sizes so try with nothing but could be a new one speaking to a chap who said “items are literally designed not to last these day” starting to think he is right