Was HS2 caused by lobbying?

As the HS2 project made no real economic sense from the start, the
question needs to be asked of WHY it was given the go ahead at all ??
Perhaps the recent lobbying furore in parliament supplies some clues ??
Donkeyman! :-1::thinking::-1:

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Other Countries have very successful high speed rail links.

They are built on time and on budget.

Their trains run on time as well.

Here in the UK, it is very different, it is a licence to print money for the firms involved.

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I doubt if lobbying had anything to do with HS2. It was announced way back in 2009, so it must have been in the feasibility study stage long before that.

@LongDriver ,.Ah but the final go ahead was only given by Boris in the last
couple of years wasn’t it, in fact since Brexit was supposed to have
been achieved ??
Heavy lobbying was probably applied over the course of a few months !!
The ramifications of lobbying can be profound and generally to the
advantage of the lobbier !!
Donkeyman! :thinking::thinking: