Warner holidays

I really disliked the way Warner’s handled the covid thing but they seem to be back to normal now so no good cutting off my nose to spite my face. I’ve booked a Twixtmas break for Tony & me at Thorsby Hall Notts.

Tony & I along with our friends have been to just about every Warners - from Stately homes in Yorkshire to castles in Wales.

I wondered if anybody else has been to Warners & how did you rate them?

Below is a picture of where we’re going.thorsby.23


Never been to anything like this, nor do I know anything about Warners, Carol, so can’t comment, but it does look fabulous! I’m going to have a google and find out more…!

I’ve never been on a Warners holiday Carol, but love to see stately homes and that looks gorgeous! .

never been to one nor wish to. I imagine them to be the cheap hi -de -hi type of place with speakers blaring out things like “CAMPERS THERE ARE GAMES BY THE POOL” every few minuites. Butlins and the like give me the same thoughts,
Some on here hate the thought of going on a cruise, same thing and express an opinion without trying one first

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Never been to one but have heard ery good things about them have some friends who go regularly. Looks Brilliant enjoy

I adore cruise holidays and would think these are similar really organised as much or little as you like but without the water…LOL

nearest ever got was Hoare Cross Hall we new the owners very well as they boarded their dog with us. So got an invited to lunch with them and had a tour around .

Ooh that looks like a great idea @carol .

I’m sorry that I can’t comment on Warners but with having a young son Premier Inn is more like our level at the moment :rofl: but I hope you enjoy your stay.

We did a Warners Twixtmas at this one near Nantwich to celebrate our 30th wedding anniversary. It was really good. I’d like to go back in the summer.

How you can look at that beautiful stately home & say it looks like a cheap Hi- de -hi kind of place amazes me!

You’re trying to wind me up eh?

It doesn’t have an outdoor pool so no games by it - but it does have an indoor pool & spar which I often use while Tony has an afternoon nap.

All in all it’s very dignified. Adults only & you please yourself if you want to take part in the organised activities - wine tasting - country walk - quizzes - Line dancing - archery etc…

The food is excellent.

They have a cabaret room with some very good entertainment & after the show the resident band play for you to dance the night away…

What’s not to like?

I’ve been to that one @Percy_Vere

I particularly like Alvaston because you keep the same table all evening & don’t have to move from dining room to cabaret room.

I hope you get to go back in the summer. :blush:

What do you do there? Do they have entertainment?

From the age of 8 until about 12 or 14 I went to Butlins every year with my old man. It was a wonderful holiday for that age group. My one and only cruise reminded me of Butlins with less entertainment but the same advantages if you have young children, definitely not suitable for more mature patrons unless you like drinking a lot (cruising’s saving grace for me).

I would prefer a Warner Holiday, than a Warmer Holiday. :grinning: :man_pilot:

Yes - the entertainment every evening is brilliant. That’s why I like to go.
In the daytime there are walks, archery, line dancing, yoga, wine tasting, quizzes and lots more.

We go to some of the activities of course. I love the line dancing. Tony will sit & watch. We also like to visit nearby places & this time at Thorsby Hall we will drive to Sherwood Forest & have a walk to the Major Oak. Another day we will explore a nearby town…

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Yes I’ve been to Thorsby Hall Carol…it was lovely. I went with my sister my niece and my daughter a girls only spa weekend it was really good.

There was evening entertainment but we spent the evenings in the restaurant with a few glasses of vino after a hard day in the Spa :slight_smile:

Warner hotels remind me of cruises to be honest…pretty surroundings good food and entertainment…very similar to cruises

Have fun!

Is this what they call, in films like Bridget Jones, a “Mini Break”?

Also what is “Twixtmas”? We have “Christmas in July” so people can have a traditional Christmas Dinner because it is too hot at Christmas (in my opinion)

Twixtmas is the days between Dec 27 and 30. Many hotels and resorts in the UK have a 3 days/2 nights Christmas break followed by a New Year break for 3 or 4 nights starting Dec 30th. Someone, somewhere (perhaps in marketing) decided that it would be a real whizz-bang idea to keep the hotels/resorts fully occupied by calling what could be a rather dead time “Twixtmas” to give adults a break from the festivities and let someone else do the cooking entertaining for a few days.

Oooh! I’m a Twixtmas baby then! Thats quite a fun fact I can throw into random conversations :joy:

And our wedding anniversary is a Twixmas one too.

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