Warming the oven?

So warming the oven eh… a bit like do you take off your make up before you go to bed. Something that is prescribed by experts but totally unnecessary in real life.

Or is it? You can try to convince me that warming the oven makes a blind bit of difference and I will become a disciple.

However, I can confirm through experience that not taking your make up off before bed does not age your skin! :-D:-D Plus food made in a previously cold oven tastes great :slight_smile:

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I never completely wait until the oven reaches the full temperature and it seems to work.

Neither applies in my case…I don’t wear make up, but if I did, I would always wash my face before going to bed. Skin needs to breathe (imo). Ovens, no…I never warm the oven. Waste of electricity (Scottisn y’see). Just bung the food in for 20 mins and its good to eat. :smiley:

I also never reduce the cooking time for a fan oven.

Do you have a fan oven LD?

No. :lol:

I do really. :wink:

omg schroedinger’s fan oven! :slight_smile:

Ha! Very good. :lol::lol:

Ah, but do you remove your make-up before going to bed? :smiley:

Good grief Annie - are you suggesting he cooks his cats? He hasn’t mentioned Olivia and Tirzah for ages - should we be worried??

Of course he doesn’t, Mups, just look at the mess he makes on the cushions in LTP!:smiley:

Yes, that’s true. Mucky tyke. :smiley:

I very rarely use our large traditional oven and instead rely on the large combination microwave oven, usually in full combi mode.

It depends which bed I am in. :shock:

Ha! Good answer Longdogs…:smiley:

Thanks Foxy. I knew you would understand. :wink:

If I’m wearing make up I always take it off before I go to bed, I’ve tried the oven both ways , and don’t think there’s any difference, and if O.H.'s cooking, he bungs the oven up high ,everything comes out, crisp and dark brown round the edges…

Mrs,p warms the bed up, is that the same?

It will probably surprise you to know that I am an absolute stickler when it comes to temperature and cooking times for my food…I have a thermometer placed in the oven and nothing goes in there until is up to the required temperature.
I would much rather have my food slightly overcooked than having bad guts from eating food that is undercooked. And if those who don’t pre-heat their ovens give their food five minutes extra to allow, where are they saving?..:102:

I cook all my hot food in a gas oven, I have never, ever, owned a microwave and never will…:009: In my opinion it’s a lazy way of cooking just to save time. It can be compared to those people who remove their shoes without undoing the laces…Very Slovenly!