Warm Banks In UK

What is a ‘warm bank’? I hear you ask Well its basically as follows

Public spaces such as community centres, churches, art galleries and libraries could be used as ‘warm banks’, so people who struggle to heat their homes this winter will be able to gather inside the public buildings.

Hard to believe but seemingly true we have had food banks now we need heating banks God Help us

Apparently, Bristol, Birmingham, London, Gateshead, Dundee, Aberdeen and Glasgow are the cities considering introducing ‘warm banks’.

Other councils including Southend, in Essex, Sheffield, in Yorkshire, and several in Nottinghamshire have already started mulling similar plans for either setting up, supporting or highlighting the locations of ‘warm banks.

Kazz, How strange!
I was only thinking this morning, would public places like libraries and public indoor places become packed with people going somewhere other than their own homes, to get warm.
I thought, maybe neighbours, or friends could take turns to congregate in each other’s houses on certain days to save on energy use.

@Artangel Covid !:roll_eyes::roll_eyes:

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My thoughts as well! Sounds like a sinister cunning ploy doesn’t it?


When it gets really hot and humid I go to the council library or the shopping mall to use their sofas and air con.

Makes sense to me.

How about bonfires contained in old oil barrels with dishevelled folk crowding around them, like you sometimes see in American movies? Those would be outside, which would mitigate the spread of Covid.


Maybe, the striking Royal Mail workers and train drivers might have one of those fires that people could huddle around.
You could take your chestnuts as well, to roast them!


Not if you have a hazmat suit on, or in Azz’s case… an Azzmat suit!!


Chestnuts. Mmm. Lovely. Or maybe some marshmallows.

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On 5th November, you could take fireworks… Mmmn maybe not, sparklers, a guy and toffee apples.
You would really keep warm then!

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I thought the same thing … :scream_cat:

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So, do you guys think that these “Heat Banks” are a way of bringing lots of people together in order to spread Covid? Like…a government conspiracy thing?

I didn’t understand it that way. Catching Covid may just be the unwanted consequence.

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Westfield (aussie co.) built a massive “mall” in Shepherds Bush, I’ve been visiting for years when nowhere better to visit. Nice sofas.

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I saw on a news report yesterday that some people are doing this in an informal way in each other’s homes

If one household has a little money to feed the meter and have a some heat, they invite the others go round there to sit, give the kids their tea etc

And then the others return the favour when they can afford a little heating

It means they only heat one home in four at any time :frowning:

Sounds like a sinister cunning ploy to shape our society into commune living. Why do we all need our own boiler, rads, cooker, fridge, etc anyway?

a long ladder up against a street lamp, you could huddle under it all night


… read a book into the small hours

Think they’re starting to replace bulbs with LED ones, which aren’t quite so warm and toasty.

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@d00d , “why do we all need our own”
Consumerism !! :roll_eyes::roll_eyes:

I am planning for my household. to sit round the television to keep warm
this winter !! :thinking: