Want to Work in India?

On 23 May 2023, Australia and India entered into a Migration and Mobility Partnership
Arrangement (MMPA). The MMPA is a bilateral framework that supports and promotes two -way
migration and mobility between our two countries while addressing issues pertaining to illegal and
irregular migration.

The Mobility Arrangement for Talented Early-professionals Scheme or ‘MATES’ is a new scheme,
established under the MMPA, to enable the temporary mobility of Indian university graduates and
early career professionals. MATES aims to encourage mutually-beneficial skills and knowledge
transfer between Australia and India.

You have to be under 30 years old (so that’s us lot out) and a university graduate in the last 2 years (so that’s me out anyway)

The visa is for two years but allows multiple entries.

What a great scheme for young people to get experience in their chosen profession and see a bit of the world.

Would you have gone if you were younger?

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Yes.Travel broadens the mind as someone once said. It’s not so easy for politicians and their like to demonize foreigners when you’ve lived and worked with them.

Not so easy for the like to sit on their backsides and pontificate too.

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@Bruce oh, yes, without a doubt :ok_hand: