Voyager 1, 24 billion kms, away is talking to Earth again

NASA says the spacecraft is now returning status data but not yet science data.
NASA’s Voyager 1 probe — the most distant man-made object in the universe — is returning usable information to ground control following months of spouting gibberish, the US space agency says.
The spaceship stopped sending readable data back to Earth on November 14, 2023, even though controllers could tell it was still receiving their commands.
In March, teams working at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory discovered that a single malfunctioning chip was to blame.
They then had to devise a clever coding fix that worked within the tight memory constraints of its 46-year-old computer system.

“There was a section of the computer memory no longer working,” project leader Dr Linda Spilker told the ABC.
"So we had to reprogram what was in that memory, move it to a different location, link everything back together and send everything up in a patch.
“And then on Saturday morning, we watched as Voyager 1 sent its first commands back and we knew we were back in communication once again.”

That’s nothing. When my wife shouts at me it can be heard from twice the distance

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Always think it’s amazing it’s still functional given the distances and the time it’s been operational.

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I think it is amazing to think that the signal from Voyager travelling at the speed of light takes 22 hours to reach us, which means that the result of any instruction sent to the craft takes nearly 2 days to be known. Even more remarkable is that it is 1970’s technology.

As Douglas Adams said, “Space is big”

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