Voice cloning, anyone?

Oh my goodness, I was just reading this article on BBC news about Voice Cloning! Its a newish technology, which replicates your voice, and is used by actors (at least that’s the intention), and also help those who have lost their voice to illness…but to have a computer replicate your voice exactly…well that’s just a bit weird. Imagine having a phone conversation with someone you think you know, because you recognise their voice? Of course, like anything, it is open to abuse…but a computer sounding Morgan Freeman can phone me anytime :wink:

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Voice recognition is being used by banks as a way of identifying the person telephoning. Presently they often use the fact they know the mobile number you are phoning from as it comes up on their screen, or a password or number. I was offered voice recognition security when phoning my bank recently, all it would have taken is to repeat a given sentence twice and that would be enough. I seldom telephone them so can never remember the password. If voice cloning does start then as in that BBC News item it’s another way scammers and ‘no-goods’ will be trying to get round in order to empty our bank accounts! :shock:

Once again new technology introduces yet more problems for unwary but law-abiding citizens! :frowning:

Going back to the 50’s growing up in Croydon, one of the neighbours was around my Sister and I’s age Judith, so we all 3 became friends.

We lost touch along the way, moving I guess…
Moved to Bexhill and one day whilst in the nearest Tesco there and behold was Judith with her Husband.

We saw one another here and there, but there life was re building there various Homes and Golf was a big thing for them , socially as well.

We were stop at home people and pets are our thing… so saw her only occasionally…moving on several years it was my Sister that informed me 1st that she had Throat Cancer…

Was as serious as it gets and she lost her voice box to save her life. So that technology would be for her, just so amazing…

I’d be very wary, as you say Baz,crooks and scammers find a way…


Voice cloning has been around for years, only just become widely available.

It is a very useful tool for Law Enforcement.

‘Evening all’

Any new technology that can be used to help others always gets abused by others. It’s the gamble society takes. We assume that there are more people with ‘good’ intentions than with bad ones. Having said all that, I find it a bit spooky myself.