Vegan Helicopter

The following popped up in a email from flightradar 24. The website which allows you to watch aircrafts flights in real time.

Airbus Corporate Helicopters has delivered an ACH145 light twin with a “fully vegan” interior.

The customer, German construction entrepreneur Urs Brunner, who is married to ethical fashion pioneer Daniela Brunner, founder of Giulia & Romeo, which uses no animal products in its offerings and donates all its profits to promote animal welfare. Daniela insisted their new helicopter be consistent with those values.

In place of the leather elements the design team used Ultrafabrics’. Ultraleather, a synthetic that “captures the visual and tactile leather experience with comparable durability." Replacement materials include the six passenger seats, a central storage cabinet, a rear partition, and cockpit control cuffs.

Vegan helicopter!! Who would have guessed.

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