Vangelis has Died

Vangelis has died aged 79, let his masterpieces live on. RIP.

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He could have died years ago for all I knew. Was he thought to be immortal, or something? :thinking:

Good composer. RIP.

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Nah, no immortals, just some folks have the unintentional ability to impact on others lives through a medium such as music.

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Rest in peace Vangelis

Well his music wasn’t really nach meinem Geschmack. :slightly_frowning_face:

I’ve joined a German study group, so there will probably be more of this sort of thing. Aufwiedersehen. :039:

OK Harb, start listening once you have done the Jimmy Nail back catalogue.

I saw Jimmy Nail in Edinburgh, actually. My presence at the concert was inadvertent, but it turned out to be surprisingly good.

Wer hätte das gedacht? :102:

Non lo so, di certo non io :slight_smile:

Vangelis - a master of his craft and creator of the Blade Runner soundtrack


Auf Deutsch bitte. :018:

nein :slight_smile:

Preferisco parlare in italiano

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Thanks Minx. That has always been one of my favourites.

du musst deutsch sprechen, das ist ein befehl. :rage:

Entschuldigung, Schpitty. :pensive:

With Jon Anderson.

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one of the immortals of ‘our’ times and music RIP - where did all those years go?

I love his music.