Using a camera with wireless remote shutter release

Photo above is how I do a video or photo(as shown) remotely using a camera or camcorder
Equipment I use
Moman tripod base with Sirui SL-200 bar which extends
mounted above is the head of a Manfrotto befree tripod head
not used in above photo the wired remote (for camcorder)
used a wireless remote transmitter/receiver which is is a Pixel Oppilas shutter release. (have to use a 2.5mm 4pole t0 3pole end cable with this camera)
Camera Panasonic G9 with a 100-300mm lens
taken through a closed window watched with a monitor.

so after baiting the area it was sit and wait until

when it warms ujp a bit will try through open window and set it up a bit better. this was just a tryout. Now for this normally I would use my camcorder

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So basically the camcorder is now redundant? Why would you carry both around with you?

Why did cowboys have 2 guns and a rifle? For distance and easy to carry. Actually the camera will be for stills and the camcorder for videos .
Getting a still from the camcorder can be done but not straight forward. The video was just a test using the camera

I think you have been watching too many Hollywood movies

If you want to shoot like a cowboy, try a pair of Ricohs

I wanted a camera with the same colour profile as the camcorder. Hence staying with Panasinic