US officials warn against dangers of deep-frying turkeys

US officials warn against dangers of deep-frying turkeys - BBC News (video link)

Firefighters and government agencies are warning against the hazards of deep-frying turkeys ahead of Thanksgiving.

The US Consumer Product Safety Commission, in its annual warning, told Americans to “cook your turkey, not your home” in a video posted online showing how the practice can set off fires.

Firefighters in Nevada reminded holidaymakers to thaw their birds properly, use the correct amount of oil and ensure the temperature of the oil does not exceed 163C (325F). Turkey is traditionally eaten as part of celebrations for the US holiday, which falls on 23 November.

WHOLE turkeys … :astonished:

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:confused: Confused. Why is cooking whole turkeys astonishing? If it was cut up, it would dry out.

It’s the annual warning I’ve seen every year. Another annual warning is about not setting your Christmas tree on fire from faulty lights.

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AFAIK, no-one in the UK deep-fries a whole turkey - whole turkeys are usually cooked in an oven … :turkey:

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Deep-frying a turkey is a vastly superior option for countless reasons. The most important: Like everyone who’s ever tried it will tell you, it tastes better than roast turkey. The white meat is moister, the dark meat is even more flavorful, and the skin, while not always totally crispy, is never slimy and gross.


BTW, I’ve never tried it!

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good reason to roast your turkey.

No one? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:. Not even to check it out?

Turkeys are generally cooked in ovens here also. But there are a few fires every year from deep fried turkeys to give out the warning.


Deep-frying turkeys has become increasingly popular, but the new tradition is a recipe for holiday tragedy.

Another warning from the University of the Bleeding Obvious.

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Certainly not .
Can’t think of a more revolting idea .
Apart from deep fried Mars bars .

Southern fried chicken is nice, it’s the spicy crunchy bit on the outside I like. I might try doing my Christmas turkey like that.

Hmmm best do it out in the garden.