US House votes to authorise Biden impeachment inquiry

The US House of Representatives has voted to formalise its impeachment inquiry into President Joe Biden. Lawmakers voted along party lines to back a resolution that Republicans say will give them more power to gather evidence and enforce legal demands.

Three Republican-led House committees allege bribery and corruption during Mr Biden’s tenure as vice-president. But they have yet to present evidence of wrongdoing, and Mr Biden says his opponents are “attacking me with lies”.

Voting to authorise an inquiry is not the same as voting for impeachment, but it advances the likelihood that the House will eventually seek to impeach Mr Biden.

In a statement, House Speaker Mike Johnson said the chamber “will not prejudge the investigation’s outcome” but “the evidentiary record is impossible to ignore”.

A formal impeachment investigation, that leads to a House vote and a Senate trial, could represent a major headache for the president in the midst of an election year. But, even if the House ultimately opts to impeach the president, the Democrat-controlled Senate is all but certain to acquit him.

Ex-Speaker Kevin McCarthy launched the inquiry in September and said Republicans had unearthed a “culture of corruption” surrounding Mr Biden.

Republicans have held one hearing related to the inquiry, during which two expert witnesses called by Republicans said there was not yet enough evidence to impeach the president.

Mr Trump, who has vowed retribution against his political opponents, has urged his Capitol Hill allies to move quickly to impeach his successor.

So, no evidence has been presented by the Republican-led House committees but House Speaker (Republican) Mike Johnson said the “the evidentiary record is impossible to ignore” and Ex-Speaker Kevin McCarthy (Republican) said "Republicans had unearthed a “culture of corruption” surrounding Mr Biden … but two expert witnesses called by Republicans said there was not yet enough evidence.

The process seems like a “witch-hunt” to me … :thinking:

By the Republican speaker that got kicked out of office? Say it ain’t so!

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Is this the Mike Johnson that thinks dinosaurs were on Noah’s Ark?

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It’s not the who … it’s the irony … a sort of “backatcha” to Trump … :grinning:

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This impeachment attempt is very much distraction politics and to provide something for the republicans to wave about come the next election. It does not matter if it doesn’t prove to be anything they can still shout about “no smoke without fire”. Very much American right wing politics these days - no policies, lots of crazy claims, and even more mud-slinging against the other party. Dismal and worrying that there are signs of the same creeping into the UK.