Urban Exploring

Have any of you ever been an Urban Explorer? I have always loved it, especially abandoned Castles and Mansions. I had had my exploring well curtailed during Covid, but am thinking of starting again. Have to be a lot more careful where I go now as I’m not as young and fit as I once was, no more scrabbling through windows or taking gung ho chances. This wee video was over at Wick at the ruins of “Castle Sinclair Girnigoe” I sometimes wander over with the dog if I’ve been stocking up at the massive Tesco outside the Town.
I will rake out and post some of the best places I’ve been over the last few years.

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Watch Youtube “The Bearded Explorer”.

Took these inside Newmilne House.


These are from Slains Castle.


Ive been rural exploring an old farmhouse , went upstairs cautiously looked round , some personal effects left behind , the farm buildings had a horrible atmosphere, we looked inside an old freezer and animal bones were inside rotted away .

We looked up the history on Google and came up with how the last family member had ill treated the farm animals over a few years RSPCA had been involved , but he carried on neglecting them. and got stopped from ever having livestock and he was sent to prison .

its now been knocked down and a new build is on it .


Roxy, those photos are spectacular. Thanks for sharing. I’ve never heard of urban exploring before. Not sure if people do that here. I enjoyed looking at your adventure.


Oh Roxy, I really enjoyed looking at all the photos, just my thing all this explorer stuff! (BTW the video at the beginning shows ‘unavailable’).
I’d love to go exploring in and around abandoned buildings.
The only thing I looked around was a local abandoned hospital. That was about 30 yrs ago and it’s long gone now.
I used to frequent a website for ‘explorers’ and really enjoyed routing around the threads and photos. Not done that for ages now.
Just recently there have been a few online papers showing explorers photos of buildings over here and abroad.
Long may you continue to enjoy your exploring :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Well I can’t view the video but those photos look spectacular. Do I love urban exploring? I had no idea what you were referring to but I absolutely love exploring. In fact we go in our boat and explore many islands with some abandoned buildings. Since we are new here we are being extra careful not to step on anyone’s toes or trespass where we aren’t welcome but you’ve been there forever and know the area well.

That looks like so much fun. It’s good to see you’re still active and adventurous. I get a real kick out of those who keep active and live adventurous days filled with exploring.
Such fun!


Hhhmmm that’s strange, it plays for me alright. I wonder if it’s because I’ve made my you tube account private. :thinking:
I only use it to store videos since my last place started to charge. I didn’t want them to be able to be seen as I have some personal stuff stored.

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