Upstairs neighbours were arguing again

The male is a FIFO worker. Away for 2 weeks, home for 2 weeks.
Every time he comes home his lady friend gives him a tongue lashing which goes on for over an hour.
Every time.
Last night was no different though it did seem a little heavier this time.
I can never make out the words that are being said but I got the gist that he might be asking her to leave. She was crying a lot.
After an hour or so things went totally quite. Nothing. I thought they might have gone out.
No idea. But it is not a happy household.
Really sad to be truthful, to listen to this bickering every time he comes home.

Hmm, seems that one might need to leave. They seem unhappy together but maybe it isn’t financially possible for either one. This could lead to frustration which could lead to more rows.


I saw them when I arrived home from work. Apart from the arguments they get on rather well. :man_shrugging:

@Bretrick Hmmm … I cant see how constantly rotating 2wks away throughout the year can possible make a happy relationship as far as the female is concerned.

We had neighbours like that,she called the police on him and he has not been back since.
Strangely enough he seemed like a nice chap where as she is rather loud and a bully.
Even more strangely a new chap is visiting her.
It seems that young couples can`t just talk,they have to shout.

… lovers tiff.

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Hmmm, I expect she thinks he has another woman when he’s away, and he probably has! I’d be suspicious too…… :rofl:


One flat I had a very loving young couple above me,very passionate all night.
I had a bit of a shock when I first discovered they were two blokes.They were nice enough but I was glad when they moved out.

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I think their rows are more than a lovers tiff.
Very heated, with neither backing down. Shouting over the top of each other.

Working 12 hour shifts at a mine site is extremely tiring. These workers do this for 14 days without a break.
Sure, there are female workers and I’m sure some people get together.

You’ve had very interesting neighbours in your lifetime.