Up on the roof

Dad watching over the wife and kids who were wandering along our back fence and taunting our little doggy.



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Beautiful picture! I love the blue color of the sky. The fox looks cute despite being menacing.


Fabulous Fruitcake ,such a good shot .

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Nature at it`s best Fruitcake.thank you.
They certainly make a racket,we have a family of foxes at the back of the garden.

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Great photos Fruitcake, well captured :+1:

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Bugger the fox (you’d shoot it as a pest here). I’m more interested in your house…

Are you a lighthouse? what is that construction on the roof?

It’s an Amish style gazebo wot I built from scratch.


Ah get it. I thought it was a light on the roof of a house or bigger structure.

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