Unbelievable - Pregnant Woman Killed By Dogs!

Pregnant Woman Killed By Dogs!


Same old stuff and same old excuses.

I don’t purposely look for these stories but they are ALWAYS there on BBC News.

It isn’t the same old at all, the woman was epileptic and knew when she had fits at least one of her dogs became distressed to the point he would attack her. It’s a common problem for people with this that dogs do not understand fitting and can attack.

She should not have had dogs because of that.

So the dogs may have been perfectly fine in another home with non epileptic owner.


You have more details to explain it some other way ?

Can’t be arsed to be honest with you. Bored with it all.

You started the thread, oh never mind I can’t be bothered either … :confused:

Well you seem to know far more than me about it all so presumably you had read this prior to me - and kept quiet about it? Not good if you ask me. Something like this should be posted on a forum such as this otherwise you dog owners carry on regardless without any other viewpoint.

Been discussing it on our sister forum dogsey actually, didn’t see the need to repeat the discussion unless someone else wanted to do so. Also big discussion on DS where we have had quite an animated day about this and religion.

So keeping quiet ? not really

Sounds like you had a lot of fun then. Right up your street. Bet you put em all straight eh? Came down on em from on high eh? Your absolutly fav subjects where you can go in to ‘high and mighty power mode’. Bet you luved it eh :smiley: .

I think the trouble with dogs is the way people treat them. As mentioned if the lady knew one of them attacked her when she had a fit then she shouldn’t have had dogs especially Pit Bull terrier types. The man of the house has been arrested so maybe they are PBT They are illegal dogs and should not be in any household its against the law. Obvious reason by the looks of it. Dogs are great but they need to know the pecking order of the household no matter what dogs they are. Poor woman as well as the other 12 to 14 already killed this year by dogs in the UK. That’s more than by Sharks in Australia.

Oh stop it you are getting very silly keeping on like this, if you don’t like what I post ignore it I manage to ignore you when I want to so just try ignoring me.

Shocking and how many were badly bitten?

Why should I? Just because we don’t see eye to eye don’t mean we can’t argue. Trouble is with your mindset it is totally closed off to any outside interference - as in brain washed. This really is why I have taken to being semi offensive as it is obvious that you are another of the ‘door knockers’ I get around here with one idea and one idea only. I could spend hours discussing stuff with these door knockers, freeze my goolies off in the process, and they would be none the wiser for it - or me. Total stalemate and is akin to bashing one’s head against a brick wall.

So you are deliberately being semi ? offensive to me , I am not sure why you feel that is necessary.

Oh, don’t think you are free from this either. You are being so back to me but maybe you are not aware of it. 'Tete-a-tete ’ as the saying goes.

Ahhh!..The season of goodwill…

Can I put my opinion up.

Owners choose dogs (and no, I haven’t one myself) and although several events recently have been tragic, I do think that under certain circumstances, a dog is not a good idea, particularly those known to be of ‘uncertain temperament’ and in that I include nervous/highly strung animals as well as the publicised breeds

The outcome has sometimes been shown to be tragic as we’re all aware.


Me personally? I would never own a Pit. I know, I know… Pitbull enthusiasts claim they are gentle and sweet and that meanness has to be taught… BUT… it’s a known fact that certain traits go with certain breeds. Like the herding dogs… they WILL herd… and chase cars. Retrievers will point and retrieve… hounds will hunt. Dogs have triggers, and one never knows what will set off a trigger. Pits can be aggressive to other animals… in this case the seizure was the trigger for the attack directed at a person. I have cats and small dogs. A Pit… no matter HOW gentle someone claims, would not be trusted in my home.

I have adopted many shelter dogs… They always try to get me to take a pit… or “Staffie” or AMStaff… aka American Staffordshire terrier. no matter what you call it… it’s a pitbull IMO… I say… no… no pitbulls and they look at me like I’m being unfair… I don’t think so.

Audrey, I agree with you totally. Dogs have certain traits as you say and when I lived in a rural community, there was one village where you knew that you had to be careful, otherwise you’d be ‘herded’ by a sheepdog.

On the same topic, I see two sheepdogs locally who are walked as ‘pets’ and who strain at the leash when passed by a car - they’re not suited to their environment.


I have an Australian Shepard… also known as the Australian cattle dog… (not Australian at all… but from Western USA) He is impossible to walk out on a leash where cars are around… He wants to chase them.

Don’t worry it won’t happen again you are back on ignore now.