Unbelievable escape, I don't think I could have

Two children 18 and 13 years old. Climb down a drainage pipe to escape a fire. I’m pretty sure I would have been toast.
Fire was blamed on E-Bikes.


E-bikes or their charging system? Some of those Chinese made charging units made for many devices do leave a lot to be desired, as does the wiring that serves the chargers🤬

Batteries. They recommend you don’t leave any E-Bike unattended while charging.

That just about sums up the confidence the selling outlet agent has in the Chinese manufacturer’s processes. There are far to many such products out there which is why I check everything with a Chinese label on it secreted somewhere on it’s body.

Lithium-ion Batteries . Lithium -ion batteries are automatically becoming the default battery for every electric bike available in the market today. The power of about 90% of electric bikes in the market. Lithium-ion batteries produce more power output for their weight than the other types of batteries.

Are lithium ion batteries stable?

A lithium-metal battery is considered the holy grail for battery chemistry because of its high capacity and energy density. But the stability of these batteries has always been poor. … This battery, with its high current density, could result in electric vehicles that can completely charge in less than 10 to 20 minutes.May 13, 2021

Lithium ion batteries first came into view negatively when vaporizer pens were blowing up on people. The tech is still not completely safe China or no China.

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Didn’t they also combust on a couple of Boeing 787s too? I’m no electrical engineer, but this sounds pretty iffy technology and potentially quite a danger if not monitored correctly?

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Yes I believe it was the batteries in laptops that did that.

It is and it should be, but people(including me) get complacent because we’ve charged (whatever) a million times and nothing happened. So we start thinking it won’t and then it does. :confounded: :confounded: :confounded:

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Crikey, how scarey is that, I dread to think what I would have done.never knew that about e,bikes.

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Apparently the main batteries to the APU starter were the culprit, although I have heard of charging laptops on board have also been known to ignite too. :flushed:

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If you touch any lithium ion battery or the charging mechanism even on your cell phone it will be warm(hot) to the touch. You just have to be careful around them. :smiley:

Very likely the cause of the fire. Laptop and e-cig batteries have also been identified as fire starters. We never leave our e-cig batteries unattended when we’re recharging them because of this.

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I have all my battery chargers right in front of my computer. I only charge while I’m on the computer. Because between camera batteries, flash batteries…etc. I have a lot and I always check to make sure none are plugged in when I leave. :smiley: :smiley:

Yes, you do have to be careful. Another problem can be generic batteries and chargers because unless the battery is matched to the charger, problems can occur. I charge my phone from the TV’s USB socket and although not fast, it is a regulated power supply and I’ve never experienced any heat problems. All too often so called fast chargers are the cause of fires as they heat the batteries beyond their safe charging temperature.

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I’m very careful about this aspect. I find the batteries on my new drone get hot when charging. All good chargers say when the battery is full the charger shuts off, but I don’t trust them. :smiley:

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Wow, that was quite a climb, my heart was in my mouth just watching. Glad they made it safe.

We’re all a bit casual with batteries and chargers I think. You only have to toouch the plug of some of them sometimes to see how hot they get

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