Ukraine Scam

I received this warning this morning from Action Fraud about yet another disgusting scam started.

" Ukrainian Crisis Warning We have begun to hear about scams using the Ukrainian Crisis to extort or scam money. Please be mindful of this and check the origins of requests to support the crisis. If you come across scams please report them. Visit our REPORTING SCAMS page for more information.

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There are no depths to which these people will not sink… grrr… :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Sickening :sob: . I have to hope that karma will get them in the end.

ETA: I just read this out to Mr B, and he said “it’s not surprising”, which I agreed with. But isn’t it terribly sad that the world has come to this? That we are no longer surprised by these scum? :frowning_face:

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There have always been criminals and there always will be.
The surprising thing is that some of them have managed to develop a few more brain cells to give them the ability to do this disgusting sort of thing.
Of course, the system in this country does nothing to discourage them.

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I tried to read more about this but couldn’t is it some donation fraud?

The Ukrainian government information posts in the UK have asked that people donate only via official routes.

I am afraid to say I haven’t donated anything I am wary of where it is actually going .

I haven’t either for the same reason but I donated a bag of toiletries although not even sure they will get to them, it’s terrible how we can’t trust charities, so much scum on this earth.

I did see a go fund me page and the donations had reached 2 million, I hope that gets to them.

I’m going to let you into a secret, I almost donated on the go fund me page but I decided to put the money into my nieces account who is struggling financially at the moment. It wasnt much but it will get her a decent haircut which she couldn’t even afford right now :frowning:

We have donated through the Daily Mail appeal, which is going direct to aid agencies such as the Red Cross and Save the Children. We thought it better to give cash rather than send things, the logistics of which are very difficult…

This is the official one that the government are matching donations to image

It seems it’s gone way over the match funding value of £20m was about at £100m yesterday

Not a scam as such, so slightly off topic (apologies) :frowning_face:

Whose paperwork? Ours or the EU’s?

Its on our side. They need the paperwork on the UK Border to get into Europe.

But I assume it’s the EU which requires the paperwork completing before they allow them to enter?

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I imagine so, because we aren’t part of Europe anymore. If we were still part of Europe, the Ukrainians would be unpacking the boxes of donations by now.


So the EU are doing this just out of nastiness?

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No, its a legal requirement that would apply to every non-european country who tried to enter Europe with goods. I just think we aren’t used to it, because everything was straightforward when we were part of Europe, and now that we aren’t, we are shocked that so many things have stalled and are backing up.

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JBR Probably yes they do everything else out of nastiness .


It seems this is normal protocol just that for normal trade routes lorries will have all the paperwork and processes in hand. Something like a charity organisation may not know where to start. I notice Khalsa Aid are now in Medyka Poland feeding refugees so it’s a shame charities can’t work more with each other as they clearly know how to coordinate international operations.

come hell or high water, good times or bad, it’s always accountants and lawyers who always earn a healthy living.