UK will be reliant on the EU to complete its vaccine rollout

Care for a good laugh? A bit off topic, but who cares?
Here goes!

The UK will be reliant on the EU to complete its vaccine rollout and a little recognition of that would not go amiss, the European commissioner leading Brussels’ vaccine taskforce has said – adding that Europe could have fully vaccinated 70% of adults before the UK reaches its own target of one dose for all over-18s by the end of July.

Thierry Breton also saidAstraZenecahad agreed that almost all the Covid vaccine doses made in the Netherlands over which the UK has made a claim will stay in the EU.

The first phase of the UK’s vaccination rollout was “hugely impressive”, Breton said, but Britain was “starting to realise that one dose is not enough, that you also need second doses – and that to a large extent it will be dependent on Europe” for them.

He said the UK had chosen a company to produce the Oxford vaccine that “had the advantage of being based in Britain, but no real experience in vaccine production … And we’re seeing today what that means.”

Haven’t you heard Solasch, were sending the SAS over to take it by force…:071:

It seems that you have fallen for that. Could you please take more care in the choice of a reasonable source of information? “The Guardian”, come on, behave yourself.
That is utter rubbish. Kindly take a look at a respectable newspaper like “the Daily Express” or “the Sun” okay?

Besides, all the world laughs about the EU…

How do you like my invisìble sarcasm tags?

I was hoping to visit Germany after the virus has been kicked into the long grass…I might just have shot my bolt now I’m afraid…:frowning:

If only my English was not so poor. Sorry, what does the second half mean (about shooting your bolt)?

I might not be welcome now…:frowning:

Was it covert or covid operations?

Wow, are you so famous in Germany as a bad guy?:shock:

Haha, just joking! Personally people from the UK are not more or less welcome in Germany than they were before Brexit. However we are in a pandemic, that is another story.

I am sure that you will find 50% people in Germany who think that visiting another country is (under certain circumstances like being vaccinated) is okay and 50% who do not agree.

At the moment you will have difficulties finding accomodation in hotels here in Germany.

Ha ha! nice one Solasch…:smiley:

You are a “buut redner” during fastnach?

It wouldn’t be while covid was still doing the rounds…

Sue and I on our river cruise were going to spend 8 days in different parts of Germany as well as going on to other countries. Got cancelled last year and looks as that is going to happen this yuear as well. Well it is Germany’s lost not having 2 distinguished English people honouring that country.

Looks as if we will rebook for somewhere else now Europe are so far behind with vaccinations

And I saved the best for the last…here is another quote from mr breton:

“I think we may have a few weeks’ lead,” he said. “But it’s got nothing to do with Brexit, nothing to do with politics. Our objective is to meet our target, and to help our friends meet theirs. That is in everyone’s interest. Once again, I’m not asking for thanks. I’m just asking for people to say things as they are.”

How am I going to know what a “buut redner” is? Google did not help, even deepl did not.

Still I guess I know what you mean…
We both know that it is futile to ask people on this forum who they mean when they say “the world does this and that” or “the EU are…” or “the frogs/dutch/krauts/… are/do…”.

Maybe it is good to “agree” on some points to make progress in the discussion, even if you think that the prerequisite is false?

(Do I make myself understood - after 3 beers and 2 port wines?)

A “buut” is the speech during Karneval by a redner. Finished by exclaiming: alaaf! For british readers, it is like boris (not) answering pmq in the HoC, the main difference being that boris doesn’t intent to be comic but is, at karneval the speakers adressing their audience intend to be comic and highly satiric.

Ok, that confirms my assumption, in German “buut” is called “Bütt” and the speaker is a “Büttenredner”. Not too much apart eh?

Please don’t you mention PMQs! It is absolutely none of my business, but BJ in the PMQs drives me up the walls. Oh my god what a nonsense. What sense does it make if person A may ask question Q1 to the PM and the PM does not respond to it at all. Next question Q2 is being asked and the same happens again.
It is like interviewing soccer (Fussball) players: no matter what you ask them (“what time is it”, “how much is 2 times 3”, you name it), they will always answer “… well I did my best, the game was hard, the earth is flat, women are smarter than men, …”.

BJ does the same. For me it is unbearable to listen to that man.

I don’t understand your post or the fuss about this. Britain’s supply of AZ is manufactured in India. We have also ordered 17m doses of Moderna. Probably with more to follow. The AZ remaining stocks are being used for second vaccines with Moderna being used for new vaccines of younger cohorts. Considering people are turning down AZ because of all the bad publicity I can’t see us running short.

I’m still trying to work out how our supply is so affected by the EU. Moderna is manufactured in the US. We have already received about 50m doses of AZ. Most of our AZ is manufactured in the UK. This is a dispute between the EU and AZ and not between the EU and the UK.

The UK is definitely ahead of the curve on this.

I really don’t understand why anyone would want to go to Germany for a holiday. Particularly in the Summer. Once the sun comes out the humidity there can be unbearable and in the winter it’s the coldest of cold. Berlin is interesting but other than that I don’t see the appeal at all. I’ve travelled widely across Germany just in case you’re wondering about my strong opinions on this. It has the weirdest atmosphere of any country I’ve been yet. Denmark is far more fun & laid back.


Vaccines are a multinational manufacturing product, with many different stages in the supply chain.

The UK is shortening that supply chain by investing in new and expanded plants here in the UK .

World Trade is changing as a result of Covid, supply chains need to be shortened and this is what is happening.

Fantastic country with wonderful people.

I’m waiting to go again(Berlin) after my trip last year was cancelled.