UK: Panic at petrol stations

Hello! Help to find a gas station in Central London!!! :pray: :pray: :pray:\

This is ultra great news NOT, considering I have four return trips to hospital before my heart op next month … yeah ruddy great!

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It will all be over inside a few days, & that’s according to the industry within the last few hours.
" UK fuel suppliers expect demand to return to normal soon.

UK fuel suppliers say they expect demand to return ‘in the coming days’, after the spate of panic buying left many stations low on petrol and diesel, or dry.

In a joint statement, the group of leading fuel companies, including Shell, BP and Esso, say that the pressures on forecourts should ease, now that more cars than usual have been filled up."

That’s from The Guardian but The Telegraph & others are reporting the same story.

Big hugs for that when it happens, LD :hugs:

Awww … Pix, that really did hit the right spot, so :hugs:to you too …I’m really touched.

Environment Secretary George Eustice said “The only reason we don’t have petrol on forecourts is people are buying petrol when they don’t need it”.

I do not understand that statement. If a driver did not need to fill up, then he/she would not go and buy petrol or diesel. My car is always filled right up after running the tank down until the fill-up-now light comes on. My home is situated about a mile away from two filling stations, so I can easily reach a pump when the light appears. . sorry, my wife just reminded me we have three filling stations within that mile and I forgot about the Esso. My concern is if all these three run dry when I need to refill the tank before my heart op.

It’s called panic buying.

My above post wasn’t directed at you @LongDriver , I was merely quoting the Environment Secretary from the OPs BBC link.

This has got me thinking … do NHS transport vehicles fill up at the same stations as the rest of us? I hope not, and so perhaps they can get you to your hospital destination. All added frustration for you. :neutral_face:

They do. There were two articles in the tabloid press about a) An ambulance crashing through cars fuelling up in order to access pumps, and b) some 24 year old female ambulance driver with a cleavage (because apparently that’s relevant :roll_eyes: ) who couldn’t access the pumps to fuel up and had to do her shift on half a tank of petrol.

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I live about 1 mile from our area ambulance hub and I do know they fill up on account at 2 of our 3 local filling stations, but I don’t know how they have been faring fuel wise.

She was a private ambulance driver and the company she works for doesn’t qualify to use the NHS ambulance service’s pumps - or so I read in the comments below the main article yesterday.

Ok :+1: