UK Licenses EU Supertrawlers Which Broke EU Laws

What was I saying ?

Oh yes … here we are, utter failure of the UK to implement its own fisheries bill and utter failure of the UK to act like a sovereign nation.

Boris Johnson resign now.

@Bread , l think we are wasting our breath Bread ??
It is obvious the licensing authorities and Boris are complicit
in what is happening, Boris is the main culprit, as he is the one
that signed the so called deal !!
And l am afraid we are legally bound to carry on like this for
another two years by the looks of it !!
Even then it will take a lot of arguing as large numbers of our
own fishing industry are mixed up with Dutch firms and
are responsible for out voting the less affluent in the
board rooms of the association’s ??
Donkeyman! :-1::frowning::frowning::-1: