UK in the News

I was surprised to see this as a news story on TV

(Public holiday - slow news day?)

Not something you see often on the streets of our capital. These beautiful horses are highly trained, so what happened here is very unusual to see.

It was mentioned that building material had been dropped from a height, very close to the horses which spooked them, hopefully not a deliberate action.

There were injuries, not only to two of the horses, who were seen galloping through London, covered in blood, and now in a serious condition, but to the soldiers who were thrown, and members of the public.

Thank goodness for drone technology, which helped to track and locate the runaway horses.
An amazing story.

You never can tell! With SO many threats read about on an almost daily basis, I would not discount some terrorist group somewhere picking up on any opportunity and heavy concrete being craned alongside a known ‘practice’ riding route was an open goal.

Accidents happen too - not everything is ‘terror related’. :wink: