Ugly modern vehicles

While strolling through the Tesco car park this morning I happened upon this monstrosity…It has to be the most ugliest vehicle I have ever come across, and pushed the latest Toyota Rav 4 into second place…Look at the size of that bonnet…

The front must be created so they can fit a petrol engine and an electric propulsion unit, I’ve noticed how large the bonnet is on other Hybrids also. But none as ugly as this one.


Around here SUV’s are very popular but they all look the same to me.Would you buy a Porsche if it looked like a Toyota?

So many new cars look like this and yes, ugly is probably an understatement…


SUV’s i just bought one ….love its angry face.
RAV4 after waiting a year I gave up got a snarling Lexus.

that Lexus looks triffic, its the way things are these days

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I think most modern cars look a bit ugly compared to the sleek lines, curves and shiny chrome trim of older cars.
I’ll be honest and say I don’t care what my car looks like on the outside - I don’t have to look at the outside when I’m sitting in it.
I’m more interested in the inside and how easy, safe and comfortable it is to drive.

I must admit, I didn’t fall in love with the outward appearance of my SUV when I first saw it, but it has grown on me and I have become very fond of it because I enjoy driving it so much.


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Our car is butt ugly, Herman the German as we call him

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now that is ugly !!

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strange Tesco cat park ??

It’s not really about a standard SUV, it’s more about the hybrids that have to be built specifically to accommodate all the gubins that a hybrid requires. I drive a SUV myself and consider it still quite attractive for an eleven year old vehicle.

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They always do their best in South Yorkshire Tesco’s to make shoppers welcome Macywack…

I like this lexus, but of course, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, I think most modern cars look nice, much better than the square boxes of yesteryear…

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I could never envisage pulling a Bird in an SUV. :laughing:

Not Racy enough. :grin:

Good point Primus, but I thought all this electric nonsense was to try and help the planet. Instead, the vehicles get bigger to house many more components using lots more materials.
And apart from the obvious pollution, older cars took up a lot less room and didn’t go as fast.

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And didn’t have the safety features of modern cars, I’m awaiting my new hybrid to be built, I think this is the way forward until the EV,s have better range and the charging infrastructure is in place…

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Yeah but, how do you impress a Bird, in an EV? :grin:

Tell her it’s the biggest battery operated thing she’s ever going to see😁

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Good point, remember that for next time round :laughing: