Ugly feet

My feet are so ugly. The big toe nails are yellow & hard & horny. The right one worse than the left. Almost impossible to cut. The doctors say it’s not a fungal infection. It’s because the nails are lifted from the nail bed & nothing can be done about it. I had the right nail removed once when it got really bad but it just grew back the same…

Has anybody else got/had this problem?

Show me your beautiful feet if you like & make me jealous.:smiley:[url=]temporary image upload

Carol :slight_smile: I find most feet ugly including my own which doesn’t bother me because Chloe is the only one who sees them and she isn’t complaining…:lol:

It is quite rare for people to have pretty feet. In fact the only people I know of are myself and JBR. :lol::lol:

Mine are lovely and smelly :slight_smile:

Aw thanks for the answers but I’d really like to know seriously if anybody has a problem with hard horny nails or discolouration?

OK so feet aren’t pretty anyway but this makes them 100 times worse!!

My dad has a yellow big toenail on his left foot. He’s had treatment for a fungal nail but it’s still the same.

The doc said he has varruca under his nail which is raising the nail. He’s currently waiti g for a podiatrist appointment.

I think all feet are ugly but none as ugly as mine as I have deformities on 3 of my toes on my left foot. I was very embarrassed as a child and wouldn’t let anyone see them, I still shy of showing my toes as an adult and hate going out in open toed sandals because people do stare, I understand why they would look, after all I have toes that no one has ever seen before.

The deformity is my toenails are turned inside my toes, I can’t paint my toenails which makes me a bit fed up sometimes but my toes are part of my unique me.

Might brave a picture later.

I have never ever seen toes like mine.

Vaseline. According to, Vaseline has the ability to deprive your toenail fungus of oxygen. By coating your toenails with the petroleum jelly on a nightly basis, you may be able to stop the spread of infection as the nails grow. Be sure, however, that your toes are completely dry before application, as sealed in water can promote fungal growth.

Wow carol, that’s one pair of ugly feet…:wink: almost put me off my sandwich…:lol:

I did notice one thing Carol.

Your toe next to your big toe is longer than your big toe.
Mine are like that. I have big flipper feet.

It’s a sign of intelligence mort…only don’t tell carol:lol:

Mine are too :smiley:

Carol I can’t post pics of my feet on here without someone getting slightly hot under the collar!

Ok, Carol. So your toe-nails aren’t perfect. you should see mine. A hundred times worse. I’ll trade mine for yours… any day.:smiley:

my toes are enough to turn anyone off, good job I’m not on the lookout eh lol. Oh well, my husband loves me, toes and all.

You can see that my second and third toes are on the same joint, I call them my conjoined twin toes. Also on my right foot I have 2nd and 3rd toes on same joint but one of the toes has a normal tonail on it. It was hard to describe my toes so you can see here for yourself what I mean now as to why I can’t paint my toenails.

Apparently Mum was upset at first about my toes being deformed but the midwife told her ‘she’ll be a great swimmer’ that midwife was right, I am! lol

Don’t all rush for the sick bucket at once, I can almost see your faces screwing up haha.

I guess there are much worse deformities I could have had so I consider myself lucky really.

By the way, no one ever knew or knows why I was born with toes like this.

Wow, how unusual. Does it make it hard to grip, you know like when you walk on slippy surfaces (swimming baths) and they tend to naturally curl for grip.
You must think us others with long toes look like monkeys that could swing from trees.

Very unusual LQ but be proud, that can be your claim to fame :wink:

No Morty I can still grip ok.

When I was a kid I would always stand with my toes turned under so no one could see if you know what i mean.

I wish I did have long toes that look like monkeys rather than these ugly things but we can’t always have what we want and I guess no one is ever totally happy with their lot eh lol

aye I’ll remember that…they make me unique too hehe

Yep! :023:

Don’t be daft … they’re not ugly, just different. It’s usually nail problems that make most folk unhappy with their feet…
Whatever type, feet take a lot of punishment these days.
I’m not keen on mine , they look so big. Just as well I keep them in boots most of the time.