Type of Flooring

What type of flooring do you have in the rooms of your home?

I have laminate in every room, carpet on my spiral staircase.

Would you or are you going to change your flooring?

I’m hoping to carpet my bedroom, I’ve wanted to do it for a few years, but something else I do, seems to take priority…hoping to save for it to be done through the summer months, when I won’t be spending so much money on heating.

Ooh this is good timing…I am moving from a flat which has laminate flooring, to a flat which is currently bare so I don’t know what to do with it. The new place is on the ground floor so I think carpet would be the better option for warmth, but I don’t want it to get mucky. So I think carpets with rugs and a hall runner, would be better - although I do love the look of laminate floors.

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I have carpet throughout I find it warmer . I find laminate or wood flooring cold and noisy , my friends house echoes as it’s all laminate . I wont change my flooring , carpet always for me .


Carpet throughout the main rooms for me, with various rugs and runners in places of heavier footfall, except for the kitchen/diner which is tiled on the kitchen side and laminate with a runner on the dining side. Also the bathroom and shower room have vinyl flooring. Like Susan I would find laminate or wooden floors too noisy that’s the reason I have a runner through the diner on the part where we mostly walk. I think we have the right balance and wouldn’t want to change anything.

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When we shifted here the carpet was a state so we tore it all up, sanded the floorboards and coated them with layers of varnish and some sort of polyurethane.
Luckily we live in a warm environment as the floors can feel a little cold at times, are damn noisy, slippery (the amount of good wine that has gone to waste!) and show up any dust etc much worse. Looks great but I doubt we would do it ever again

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Living rooms = sealed/polished hard wood with large Arab style rugs.
Bathrooms = PEI 5 Vitra non slip porcelain tiled and that includes the cloakroom.
Bedrooms = Flotex carpet for easy clean in case of spillages. Flotex (ukcontractflooring.co.uk)
Kitchen = PEI 5 Vitra non slip porcelain tiles which flow right through into the long hall to meet the inner front door.
Porch = PEI 5 Vitra non slip porcelain tiles.

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Laminate downstairs, having a Dog, you can vacuum round then, about one hour later, get the soft headed brush and brush the area, the amount of stuff that appears is amazing, that would be buried in a carpet.

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Laminate mostly, carpet in the lounge and ceramic tiles in the upstairs bathroom. And like Spitty, we have a dog.

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Laminate floors throughout except for the lounge which has fitted carpet.

Laminate kitchen and hallway and bathroom, carpet everywhere else.

Used to have fitted carpet in all rooms, then changed to laminate in the ground floor rooms.
Now in the new home all rooms have ceramic tiles because of the underfloor central heating and the dog.


Under floor heating I would love, my son has it in his bathroom…:heartpulse:

That we have. Our family from Georgia loved it. That and the heated towel rails.

Sari likes it as well because it’s cosy everywhere even in the corners and near the window while there are -10° outside. The ancient Romans also did. :wink:

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All my rooms are carpeted with the exception of the kitchen and bathroom which are vinyl flooring. Fitted most of the flooring my self. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Carpet definitely. I would recommend having a separate quality underlay (at least 8mm thick) fitted at the same time, Pixie. That will increase the insulation.

We are currently looking around for new carpets in our living room, bedroom and hall with independent carpet shops not the likes of SCS or Carpetright. The floors have already been measured up and we’ve been quoted around £900 for everything including lifting furniture, fixing and levelling the floorboards, fitting the carpets, and replacing the furniture. We thought this quote is quite acceptable.


Thank you Percy! Yes, I would get decent underlay because its just floorboards at the moment. Thanks for the guide measurements…I wouldn’t know what to ask for. The hall, bedroom & living room would be carpet and the kitchen & bathroom would be vinyl (with a rug perhaps)

Independent local carpet fitters for me also. That’s a decent price really, although I’m not expecting anything like that since my rooms are super tiny and also have no furniture in them as yet :joy:

In the East wing I have Italian marble and in the west wing timber taken off pallets


Any chance of a few pics…Italian marble?

Timber taken off pallets?

Did you do that yourself?

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I have two beautiful rugs to go on my sitting room and bedroom floor.

I like laminate because, it always looks immaculate…so easy to keep clean.

On saying that, I don’t mind a carpet in the bedroom…certainly not a bathroom,:weary: