Twelve legs one purpose

why so many you may well ask. The first was a Manfrotto 055XPROB

I thought this would be ideal, tall- heavy- extends centre column sideways . What more could I want. Soon found out too heavy to lug about all day but ok indoors or windy days.

Next was a cheapie can’t show it a it soon got binned the centre column racket stripped

Following on as a replacement for that one I bought this PrimaPhoto one

nice and lightweight only not really trusting the twist lock legs cheap and worth the price well built

so onwards and better Had a chance to get a Manfrotto Befree live wwith snap leg clamps. Must be one of the best I own comes with its own head only issue was buying another plate so I could swap cameras I memntioned in another thread and video

finally I needed a tabletop tripod so got one by moman

hence 12 legs on purpose to keep a camera steady

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