TV Remote Control Holder

I have recently changed my bedroom TV layout so now I only need one remote control to access my TV, sound bar and server. But finding a place for this one remote control has been an effort until I decided to make one on my 3D Printer.

First a quick design in OpenScad which took only about 20 minutes from go to whoa.

TV Remote Holder

As you can imagine the code is very simple:

//TV Remote Holder

//TV Remote size = approx 20 by 47.5,height = 80

thk=3;   //wall thickness
ht= 80;  //height of container
scrw=4;   //diameter of fixing screw
bck=110;  //height of back including fixing

//end variables





//create back mount

//Screw hole
//Taper for 6G by 18 screw head countersink

I printed a tiny section of the base to check the sizing, made a slight adjustment then printed the whole thing. Was very pleased with the result

The surface is not perfect but frankly I have the cheapest model printer and I am very happy with its output.

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Doesn’t it fit Bruce… :017:
I noticed it was hanging out of the top…

That’s a design feature, it gives you something to grab hold of.

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I keep the remote in or on the bedside cabinet .

That was problem there was no room and it kept falling off or ended up just out of reach… This keeps it exactly where I need it. Right next to the bed

:wink: declutter me thinks.
Anyway congratulations on another problem solved

I didn’t think it was that bad, all things I need.

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It looks very clean and tidy anyway Bruce… :+1: