Train services cut across the country!

Train services cut as passenger numbers slump ??
Well what do they expect!!
They just put fares up again !!
I suppose the fares will go up again now to make up
for less passengers ? WTF!!
Donkeyman! :-1::frowning::-1:


The entire Sydney public transport system has gone back onto Sunday timetables because they just cannot get the staff to fully man the service due to Omicron according to yesterday’s news.

@Bruce , l don’t blame covid for that Brucy, l blame the ‘education’
system ??
In UK at least ?
Donkeyman! :thinking::thinking:

It’s ok we will have HS2 soon!

@AnnieS ,And cross rail!
This march they say ???
Donkeyman! :roll_eyes::roll_eyes:

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Patronage of the public transport system dropped by an incredible 85% when people started working from home, I don’t know what it stands at now but personally I have not used public transport since 2019.

Yes they sure have cut down the size of the service. :rofl:

@realspeed , Thats a very realistic model RS ?
Nice joke though !! :grin::grin: