Toronto girl coming in......LOL

Hello everyone!

bobmielke referred me to this wonderful site of over 50 people, so I am looking forward to meeting everyone.

well, today its 32C in Toronto, Ontario, have I mentioned I hate the heat:044:

Hello Odie,
Nice to meet you, hope you join in and look forward to your posts.
Take care.

A very warm welcome Odie, hope to see you around…:039:

thank you both!

I`m looking forward in posting here!

you`ll see me around:lol:

Hello Odie, and a very warm welcome to you!.

Hello and welcome Odie :slight_smile:

Hello, nice to meet you - hope you enjoy the forum…

Welcome my new friend! Kick your shoes off and get comfortable. I call this place home. Great people here. :slight_smile:

thanks everyone!

my shoes are always off Bob!:078::026:

I can make one set of clothes last nearly a week. I hate doing laundry. :cool:

you must live on your own:lol:

Greetings Odie - Hope you like it here and will stay around to tell me about life in Canada, I have lived and worked in many parts of the world but never made it to Canada or USA, after I chucked in the day job it finally dawned on me that my bosses were sending me to all the places they didn’t want to go to, while they were swaning off to Canada and America on expenses and having a ball:roll::roll::roll:

Hi and thanks for the warm welcome!

Where are you from Losos and do you like it there?

just a few things:

Canada is not what everyone thinks…we don’t live in igloos and we have everything you could possible imagine from lakes, rivers, look up Algonquin Park which is a 3 hour drive from me and see just how big it is.

We live in brick houses just like everyone else starting from 320,000 and up to millions of dollars.

We have mountains in Alberta, fly in fishing camps in most provinces.

In Toronto we have the CN Tower which is the highest free standing building in the world…going up the glass elevator takes your breath away.

Hello Odie :slight_smile: welcome …

thanks you Meg!

Welcome… and I do love Canada:-) will be on my 6th visit in Nov staying with my cousin in Mississauga.


Welcome Odie, just join in when you can, look to have your hands full. Annie33

Hello Odie, welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

Hi Toronto girl, I’m a big fan of the Toronto band ‘The Lowest of The Low’ … have you heard of them?

Better late than never! A big belated welcome from me too Odie, this is a nice friendly place so you should really enjoy yourself.