Top things most likely to make you smile - including spending time with family

  1. Spending time with family
  2. Waking to sunshine
  3. Making someone else grin
  4. Finding money in your pocket you didn’t know you had
  5. Getting a bargain
  6. Seeing an old friend
  7. Getting a suprise from someone
  8. Spending time in the great outdoors
  9. Eating your favourite meal
  10. Hearing a joke
  11. Listening to your favourite song
  12. Looking through old photographs
  13. Chocolate
  14. Watching your favourite TV show
  15. Receving a compliment from a stranger
  16. A tidy home
  17. Waking up next to someone you love
  18. A stranger smiling at you in the street
  19. A cuddle with your pet
  20. Hearing a baby laugh
  21. Watching a great new film
  22. Payday
  23. Having a lie-in
  24. Waking up and remembering it’s the weekend
  25. Seeing your sports team win
  26. The smell of bacon
  27. Hearing a cat purr
  28. Having a “good hair day”
  29. Ordering a takeaway
  30. Being sent a funny meme
  • What, if any of these, make you smile, or can you add your own? Mine would be the way my dogs tail wags like a helicopter when she first sees me in the morning. It’s like I’ve been away for years!

Just waking up and realising I am still alive is reason for a smile😀


Seing some posters user names on here,even before i read whats been written.
Seing family/friends and pretty much everything un-political.

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All of the above make Me smile,except for 17&19…I don’t have either of these now :cry:
I also smile when I hear My next door Neighbour singing off key at the top of His voice… :grin:

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Apart from all the usual smiley moments family ,friends ,my dog ,going out and about and eating chocolate

I enjoy spending money heehee I’m a material girl :girl:

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I do not believe that for a minute.

You are intelligent, articulate but nobody’s fool.

You are no longer in a controlling relationship and can now do what you want.

Good for you, go for it, but you are no idiot and a complete waste of time for the scammers.##

I am actually in my mid 30’s, a multi millionaire with the body of a god.

That is a load of rubbish, but then you are intelligent enough to know that.

I have also met some on here who will confirm that.

Nothing special , not pushy, but good fun.

I have also been in awe of them, very confident in my job and abilities, but capable of being run over by ladies.

My female Enforcement Officers often despaired of me, a typical man, should have listened but didn’t.

A very common thing to happen.

Out of that list my top 10 would be …

2, 6, 8,15, 19, 26, 27, 9, 4, 12

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I’d add:

  1. Seeing the “welcome to Cornwall” sign when I’m going on holiday

  2. Opening a brand new book I’ve been looking forward to reading

  3. thunder and lightening and that first glorious rain when the weather breaks after a hot, muggy spell

  4. the sight of the sea, beautiful and inviting, just before my swim

  5. a cat “kiss”

  6. the garden scents of roses, honeysuckle and lavender

  7. those videos of deaf and blind small babies and children when they are first given hearing aids or glasses and they see or hear for the first time

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Oh, I forgot. Men whistling tunes. You don’t get it a lot nowadays but my dad would whistle all the times when he was doing jobs, and now so does my son

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Oh come on you have to believe me .
Yes my family and friends bring me great happiness I love my dog . & until the pandemic I enjoyed travel

I do enjoy shopping it’s a hobby I like lovely things .
Superficial maybe.

I’m not a online dozy Rosie I’ve become very independent…still got my head screwed on tight ….well last time I checked :wink:


Well that got a response, and exactly the right one.

No, I am not being condescending, just commenting on someone who is flowering, knowing her own mind and her own decisions.

You have a whole new life in front of you and you are well capable of seizing it.

Your man was your man and I have no doubt you were very good at that.

Now is your time, go get it.

What makes YOU smile, Swimmy? :smiley:

Quite a list! Just a few. My wife obviously. She has been excellent for me - and still is. The family on both sides of the pond. The lovely neighbours we have. And that bloody dog!


Quite a few of the ones on the list would make me smile.

Also, hearing Mr B say he’s cooking dinner or getting us a takeaway;
Seeing the first raspberries appear on our canes each year;
Seeing my granddaughter’s huge smile when I present her with something new I’ve just made for her.



Very simple Pixie, Nicole Kidman and Co stripping.

Absolute Heaven.

Littlies, great fun aren’t they?

Feeding my fish, watering the plants and picking the flowers and veg.

Then a mad rush to clean up, but leaving a right mess before the McDonalds.

The more mess, the less they get next time.

It is a war of attrition, boundaries have to be set, and I am very good at boundaries.

All good fun, but a learning curve for both.

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